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Best Things To Do While High By Yourself and With Others

So you decided to get high, and now you’re looking for something to do.

Whether you’re having a solo smoke session or getting stoned with friends, having some ideas for things to do while high can make for a fun, chill few hours.


Being high in and of itself is pretty great, and getting high is an activity all on its own.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan some activities to make the most of your experience. 

So before you kick back and smoke your favorite strain, take a look at this comprehensive guide of fun things to do while high - by yourself and with others.

Fun Things To Do While High With Friends 

Hanging out with friends is always great, but adding cannabis into the equation can take your hangouts up a notch.When sharing some bud with your buddies, you can all take advantage of the extra level of fun cannabis brings to activities. Sure, you guys could just lounge on the couch and smoke a bowl or two, but why stop there when you can find fun things to do while high? 


If you’re short on ideas for fun things to do when high, though, we’ve got a few suggestions. These activities will work for any size get-together, and for any type of group - whether it’s all boys, all girls, or any mix of genders. Here are a few of the best things to do when high with your friends. 

Fun Things to Do When High Indoors 

Nights spent indoors with friends may seem tame, but they don’t need to be boring. These fun activities are a little more laid back, but can easily become really exciting and fun things to do while high when you add a few of your closest friends (and a choice strain). 

1. Card Games 

For some good old fashioned fun things to do while high, try busting out a card deck. Whether you’re using a classic deck of cards for games like Poker, or you have a humorous card-based game like Cards Against Humanity, card games are a great way to keep you and your friends engaged while high. 

2. Video Games 

From Mario Kart to Grand Theft Auto, any kind of video game can be fun while high, though you might notice that some fast-paced games are a little harder to play while you’re high on certain strains. But you can never go wrong with playing a game that’s visually exciting or thought provoking when you’re riding out your high with friends.

3. Cooking or Baking 

What goes better with a big joint than your favorite foods? The next time you get the munchies, give the Grubhub delivery a break. Instead, turn food into a bonding experience by cooking or baking your favorite meals, snacks, or desserts together with your friends. 

Not only will you enjoy digging into some home-cooked food while you’re stoned, but testing out your culinary expertise with some of your closest friends can be a rewarding experience and one of the best things to do while high.

4. Board Games 

It’s never too late to dive back into childhood classics. Board games are a great way to bring your friend group together and have some things to while high when you’re all stoned, especially with the added fun of some childhood nostalgia. 

From Monopoly to Scrabble, nothing makes a stoned night in with friends more exciting than the highs, lows, and devastating betrayals you’ll go through while playing board games.

5. Listening to Music ‌

Sometimes you and your friends just want to chill out when stoned. Try putting on some of your favorite music and just zoning out together. There’s no better way to connect with the tunes that really make you feel something than to listen to them while high. Even better, you can share that experience with your closest friends. Sometimes you may not need things to do while high but things to help you chill out while high.

Best Things to Do While High Outside 

As long as you stop short of any dangerous stunts, there’s so much that the outdoors has to offer when you’re high. You and your friends can go out on the town, hit up some of your favorite activities, and experience nature.

Here are some of the best things to do while high outside with your friends or even family. 

1. Watching the Stars ‌

Laying under the stars can be an incredible experience even when you’re completely clear headed. While you’re high, it can be a transcendental experience. 

Head out with your group, put down a blanket, and go stargazing for a few hours. Bask in the glory of the stars and try to pick out your favorite constellations while you enjoy the company of your friends. Stargazing is one of the few things to do while high where you can have a whole new feeling you never had before.

2. Going to the Beach 

The beach is a great time for everyone, but especially while stoned and in good company. You can go swimming, lay under the sun, or go exploring any little shops in the surrounding town.

3. Trying New Restaurants ‌

You could always go to your favorite comfort food joint, but why not mix it up a little? When you’re high with your friends, it can be nice to try something a bit out of your comfort zone. Get together with your friends, Google some restaurants in your area, and find something new to excite your taste buds. This is one of the great things to do while high and hungry.

4. Visiting Museums‌

From history museums to art galleries, taking in a new exhibit while stoned can put a whole new spin on your experience. You and your friends can find pop up galleries, street art, digital exhibitions, and more to get inspired or learn something new while on your weed journey.

5. Hitting Up Concerts and Music Festivals‌

Music always sounds that much better when you’re stoned. Head to a local concert or music festival with your friends so you all can take in the sights and sounds of a live performance. This may be one of the more expensive things to do while high but you definitely won’t regret it.

6. Exploring (Anywhere!) ‌

There’s really no limit to what you can do in the great outdoors. And sometimes, just going out to explore without a structured plan in place can be even more fun and freeing. Go for a hike or head out into town. Explore all the nooks and crannies that you haven’t experienced before (or haven’t experienced while high). 

Things to Do When High By Yourself‌

Like many stoners, you might prefer getting high and finding things to do while high alone instead. While smoking with friends can be energizing and exciting, smoking solo can be a deeply introspective and peaceful experience. 

Take a look at some of these indoor and outdoor things to do when high by yourself. 

Fun Things To Do While Relaxing At Home 

Whether you smoke daily or every now and then, you’ve probably settled into a routine by now: Indulging in some relaxing time to yourself while you sit on the couch and watch TV, maybe grabbing a snack when the munchies hit. 

There’s nothing wrong with this kind of routine, but there are so many fun things to do while high at home. You can try to mix things up when you’re smoking solo at home. Here are just a few options. 

1. Drawing a Bath 

There’s nothing quite like a self care night while high. Treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath to get you into a peaceful mindset. You may think you have to find things to do while high but relaxing is just as important even while high!

2. Reading 

There’s never a better time to crack open that book you’ve been meaning to read than when you’re high. Cannabis can make the experience of reading more immersive than ever, letting you dive fully into another world. Which can be one of the best things to do while high for home bodies.

3. Listening to a Podcast 

Whether you prefer to indulge in the drama of true crime stories, or are looking for a laugh from some more comedic content, listening to a podcast can be a great way to entertain yourself or learn something new while high. Podcasts also make great background entertainment while you do another activity. Sometimes instead of finding things to do while high, you can learn while high!

4. Cooking Solo ‌

Cooking with friends can be a fun experience, but testing out your culinary skills by yourself is great too. When you’re alone, you can try your hand at all your favorite recipes — and have the results all to yourself when the munchies hit.

5. Listening to Music 

While it can be fun to enjoy tunes with friends, sometimes listening to music while high is meant to be a personal experience. You can put on some headphones, play your favorite tunes, and let the music sweep you away for a little while. Maybe even singing to yourself and being in your own world is one of the best things to do while high.

What to Do When High Outside 

For the solo adventurer, there are plenty of things you can do outdoors when you’re high. When you’re heading out alone, you can really take these activities at your own pace and soak up every minute of the experience. 

Here are some of the best things to do while high outside and looking for a one-man adventure. 

‌1. Take a Walk ‌

Whether you’re taking a stroll around your neighborhood park or going for a dedicated hike, walking while high can be a meditative experience. Stoned walks can help you see the world around you through new eyes and give you time to think, or alternatively to relax your brain and not think at all. This is one of the first few things to do while high that people think of when they head outside.

2. Go to a Garden 

A little bit of weed can help you enjoy everything that nature has to offer. Head to a local garden to take in the flora and fauna through a new lens. Smelling the outside flowers and seeing the trees shake from wind may be one of the things to do while high you never thought of.

3. Work Out ‌

From yoga to weightlifting, hitting the gym can help you reach new heights of euphoria. A study of 600 cannabis users found that 70% of its participants who smoked before a workout reported that they enjoyed the experience more, and some even worked out longer. This may not be one of the most fun things to do while high, but you may be missing out on something if that many people love it.

4. Fly a Kite ‌

Embrace your inner child with a simple yet fun activity. Flying a kite is something that pretty much anyone can do, high or not. Once you’ve gotten the hang of getting it up in the air, you can ride out your high while watching the kite soar through the sky.

What to Watch When Stoned

Why are some movies just better when you’re smoking weed? It’s hard to say exactly why, but some movies and TV shows are just made for watching while you’re stoned out of your mind. You may wonder what to watch when stoned and to be honest the genre doesn’t matter! Whether you're enjoying a comedy, horror, or drama, the emotional intensity will be more enthralling when you’re high. Which is why watching movies or shows are one of the best things to do while high.

Here are some of the movie genres that pair best with cannabis. 

Fun Things to Watch When High

When you’re high and in a giggly mood, sometimes you just want some comedic or fun things to watch when high. 

Comedies are the perfect choice if you're looking for an easy laugh. The jokes and gags will become that much funnier when you're already deep into a stoned haze. 

Disney movies and tv shows — including some classic cartoons — are always a hit for fun things to watch when high and may offer some nostalgia. You can also dip into some nostalgic feelings by watching some funny old movies or TV shows from your childhood.

Things to Watch When High to Pull Your Emotions 

While many movies that are meant to be emotionally stirring can already be intense if you watch them sober, watching them while high will make it even more likely that you’ll get your mind blown. 

If scary movies make you jump out of your skin when you’re completely sober, prepare for an even scarier experience while high. And if you're already a scary movie junkie, weed can make even the most routine horror movies feel like a fresh, terrifying experience. When you’re a little bit dazed and zoned out, those plot twists and sudden events will be harder to see coming — including the jump scares. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more dramatic or emotional, you can always turn to sad TV shows or movies. Weed tends to enhance your deepest emotions, making the experience even more meaningful.

The Bottom Line 

Alone or with friends, inside or outside, there’s no shortage of options for things to do while high. The right strain of bud can heighten any experience in a positive way.

With our suggestions for fun things to do while high in mind, you can turn any activity into an exciting or meaningful experience. So before you sit down for a smoke, either with your friends or solo, plan something to do — whether that's an outdoor adventure or a night in with some music or games. Having an activity planned might just make your high even more impactful.

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