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2018's Dopest Dab Rigs and Accessories

2018's Dopest Dab Rigs and Accessories

As we head into 2019, let’s take a step back and look at all the coolest dab rigs and accessories DHC has debuted in the online store this year. From artistic glass to helpful carb caps, you’ll want to grab up these popular 2018 items before the next year begins.

MJ Arsenal “Hydra” Mini Rig

2018 Dopest Dab Rigs and Accessories MJ Arsenal Hydra Rig

Named after the ancient, mythical beast, this ultra-compact yet highly functional Klein recycler tames hot vapors with a cyclone of cool water. The Hydra is the first purpose-built concentrate Mini Rig™ from MJA, and features a triple hole perc, a sturdy base, and a uniquely placed perc arm to make it one of the smoothest and most spill-resistant bubbler out there!

Mason Ray Rocket Rig

2018 Dopest Dab Rigs and Accessories Mason Ray Rocket Rig

3… 2…1… BLAST OFF with DHC and Blunt Gang on this epic collab rocket rig! This rig’s got all the latest tech, complete with a 14mm joint and a reinforced downstem featuring slits for insane diffusion. Perfect for use with a bowl or banger if you really want to shoot for the moon! Get it now in the November El Primo Subscription Box.

DHC Destroyer Flower/Concentrate 10” Dab Rig

2018 Dopest Dab Rigs and Accessories Destroyer Rig

This dope rig has both a vortex and a honeycomb perc, thick glass, and a fused glass downstem. You can scoop both a premium quartz banger and bowl at checkout, and the 14mm joint allows for compatibility with a ton of other add-ons, too! Currently available in all three accent color options: white, green or blue.

June Pride Tornado Recycler

2018 Dopest Dab Rigs and Accessories June Pride Tornado Recycler

This rig exhibits crazy capability, with two arms pulling water into the upper chamber, spinning it and then dropping it back down through the drain in the back, and then repeating the process all over again. Emblazoned with pride flags and rainbow hearts, this recycler’s looks are as cool as its functions.

Donut Rig

2018 Dopest Dab Rigs and Accessories Frosted Donut Rig

Satisfy that sweet tooth with a tasty treat! This deliciously delightful donut rig comes with a 14mm female joint and a four-hole puck perc. Can’t forget the toppings! Sprinkled on top of this cute little bong is a too-good-to-eat donut mouthpiece.
$24.99 (Reg. $64.99)

Vector Drone Torch

2018 Dopest Dab Rigs and Accessories Vector Torch

This small but powerful device is a great travel torch for dabs on the go. Each triple-flame lighter is about 3” tall, with a fuel gauge viewing window and an easy butane-refilling process. Choose between four semi-transparent colors: clear, black, blue or smoke. All Vector Drone Torch lighters come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

CustomLove Tree Perc Rig

2018 Dopest Dab Rigs and Accessories CustomLove Tree Perc Beaker

Beautiful green accents and a reinforced 6 arm tree perc combine functionality and design into one awesome rig, so show some love and scoop up this insane beaker while it’s on sale for $20 off! Select the double bowl option when adding to your cart for the ultimate bonding smoke sesh.
$19.99 (Reg. $39.99)


Champagne Bottle Bong

2018 Dopest Dab Rigs and Accessories Champagne Bottle

Pop bottles with the DHC Champagne Bottle Bong! The circ perc’s multiple slits help with diffusion so there is little to no drag, and your bubbles stack for a rip smoother than fine champagne. Celebrate in style with this classy addition to your smoking supplies stash. Grab it now to use for you New Year’s celebrations!
$19.99 (Reg. $49.99)


Directional Flow Carb Cap

2018 Dopest Dab Rigs and Accessories Carb Cap

Take fat dabs at the perfect temperature! This glass carb cap features a directional nozzle so you can twist and turn your essential oils to temperature. Easy to use, just check out our how-to guide!  Twist around to ensure you vaporize every last drop! Available in clear, green, black, pink, or purple.

Premium Dab Tool

2018 Dopest Dab Rigs and Accessories Premium Dab Tool

This 4.75” double-sided dabber features a textured handle with a pointed tip on one end and a spoon on the other. Each brightly colored tool is aptly designed to deal with the varied textures of all your favorite legal concentrates.

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