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10 Bongs and Dab Rigs you Need for 2021

With this year coming to a quick end it’s time to start thinking about what our next goals are going to be for this upcoming year.

Whether it’s personal goals, financial plans, spiritual richness, health-focused, or whatever is your upcoming focus, make sure to elevate those goals with some new glass and bong goals as well. 

Top Dab Rigs and Bongs

While we are all quick to hop into resolutions, it’s important remember we will need to go in on a well-balanced note. Luckily DHC has got the glass, dab rigs, dry pipes, and all the smoking accessories you could possibly need to prepare for whatever 2021 throws at you all in one online headshop destination.

indestructible bong

  • Indestructible Bong: Eyce Beaker
  • $69.99

    Not only is this bong basically indestructible because of it’s silicone build, but it’s also one of the dopest pieces on the market because of it’s secret storage unit. At the base of this beaker, the bottom detaches to reveal a hidden compartment that can store anything from clipper lighters to back-up stashes.

    This is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re the adventurous toker or just straight up clumsy this piece will definitely be a lifelong investment!

    mini rig

  • $54.20

    Every collectors shelf should include at least one go-to dab rig that’s small but solid. Although collectors typically tend to gravitate towards the larger pieces when it comes to the daily driver, concentrate lovers know this is certainly not the case when it comes to dab rigs! 

    Having a seperate little trusty piece is crucial because the build up between standard bongs and dab rigs tends to get messy, quick, so separate them to begin with and always make sure to practice glass hygiene throughout every sesh!


    tallest beaker
  • Tallest beaker: XL Scorpion Beaker Bong
  • $174.20

    It’s crucial that every stoner owns one of these bad boys, a classic beaker. The second tallest beaker, next to the Double Circ Perc Beaker Bong, is a must have bong for 2021. This glass is the perfect daily driver and even includes a built in ice catcher, making it the perfect piece for cooling off after a long day with.


    recycler bong
  • $89.99

    It’s crucial for every stoner to have a nice house piece, something you can feel proud of owning when visitors pass through. Treat yourself to something classy as the new year kicks into gear like this iridescent piece that was released earlier this year! 


    octopus bong

  • Something artistic and tasteful: Octopus Bong and Seascape Bong
  • $134.99 - $240

    Owning something this complex and well detailed is definitely a step up in the collectors world, having an artistic piece is what turns shelves from collections into galleries. Having at least one piece that represents your style is crucial for every stoner; and luckily DHC has dropped a lot of different artistic pieces throughout 2020 with something for everyone’s style. 

    These pieces go beyond just functional value and can often represent sentiment. The attention, fine detail, effort, and overall quality is reflected throughout every use with these flawless glass pieces. It’s perfect for the intimate sesh with fellow glass lovers who can appreciate the art!


    collectors piece
  • Collector’s Piece
  • $49.99 - $79.99

    Regardless if your collection is only just growing or you’re a long time collector with full shelves, DHC is a great place to get that collection going. Checkout some of our statement pieces like these collectibles from a collection of glass drops like the mushroom recycler, the skull collection, the jellyfish series, and even the holiday drops!

    pineapple bong
  • A statement piece: Paranoia Pineapple Bong
  • $84.99 - $99.99

    A statement piece can be the perfect gift this year around, whether it be for a friend or for yourself, DHC has got some of the most unique bongs in stock. The pineapple piece is the perfect pair for someone who might be bright and bubbly.

    Suppose that is not your bowl of cereal, perhaps the "Breakfast of Champions" Cereal Bowl Bong/Dab Rig might be your cup of fruit. No literally - people have really gotten creative with our pieces! These pieces will certainly make a statement and will call for some good times & fun memories guaranteed.


    silicone dab straw

  • Something very discreet: Silicone Dab-straw
  • $45.99

    If you haven’t already upgraded to something portable then now is definitely the time. Though this isn’t always the preferred method, it’s certainly the most convenient and this silicone dab-straw makes it easier than ever.


    solar system recycler bong

  • Something trendy: Solar System Recycler Bong
  • $59.99 ($79.99)

    This glass is trendy all year long and makes as a great partner for late nights or even stargazing. The solar system recycler comes complete with three UFO shaped mobs on the handles and hits beautifully. This seven inch beauty comes with a showerhead perc, creating the best circulation and flow for a water pipe like this.

    champagne bottle bong

  • $49.99

    Some of the dopest monthly bongs and dab rigs have come out throughout the last year, and we want to invite you to put some of these to the test! One classy, trendy, and quality glass is our April 2020 glass, the champagne glass is perfect for a night in or sharing with a friend.


    Keep your eyes peeled for our 2020 in a wrap blog to check out our newest drops from throughout the year, just in case you missed something! Our headshop is constantly posting our drops on our 24 hour stories so make sure to stay tuned in to stay in the loop.

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