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september smoking supplies box
Daily High Club Presents…
The West Coast Box by Chanel West Coast


CWC Slitted Puck Rig

Electric blue slitted puck so every rip is smooth as fuck! This is our largest glass piece in a box yet (we measured!) so get pumped for some massive rips.

chanel west coast bong

Juicy Jay's Super Fine Sticky Candy 1 ¼

Sweet like candy and slow burning, too, these papers are a dream come true. Each puff will take you back to the ice cream truck pulling up to the park on a hot summer day!

chanel papers juicy jay

Custom CWC x DHC Pop-Top Container

Use it again and again, at least until your friend steals it! This air and water tight jar is light resistant as well, so your stash stays fresher longer!

 pop top stash container

Juicy Jay's Strawberry Fields Hemp Wrap

All natural and made from pure hemp, plus the sweet smell is sure to whisk you away to strawberry fields! Sometimes these wraps give us trouble keeping closed, if you find yourself having similar problems try wetting your finger with some water. That usually does the trick for us!

Strawberry hemp wraps

The Original Cones™ 3 Pack

Get three pre-rolls from some of the original providers. These king size cones are huge so you can puff all the way through Chanel’s new song!

king size cones

CWC x DHC Silicone Ashtray

The last ashtray you’ll ever need. It’s easy to clean since it’s non-stick silicone and dishwasher safe. You can even put hot tools in it without it melting or cracking!

ash tray

DHCxCWC Custom Smoke Ring

I do… Love to blaze! Propose a sesh to your lover or friend with this cone holding ring. Perfect for keeping the smell off your hands, or keeping your fingers free for other fun!

 smoke ring

CWC x DHC Windproof Torch Lighter

In honor of our HOT collab we’ve got this powerfully hot lighter! You will be able to light up from over an inch away. Wield with caution!!! Flip it over to reveal the mini LED flashlight. 

lighter with flashlight

DHCxCWC Sticker Set

Get fresh for back to school! Be sure to check out BRAND NEW Daily High Club apparel at

daily high club stickers

Love your DHC box? Want even more? Share using #dailyhighclub and you’re entered to win a MEGA BOX valued at $300! Winners announced each month on the Fried Daze live stream on Instagram every Friday at 2 pm pst. 

Sincerely baked, Daily High Club

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