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Social Media/Influencer Manager Position Available in Long Beach, CA!

We're looking for a marketing rockstar to come join the Daily High Club team and grow with us (and have a blast doing it!) 🔥

Must have 2-3 years of experience in content creation, management and distribution. Must have at least one year of experience in influencer marketing. Pay depends on experience and will be competitive. This position is full time.

Candidates must be timely, independent workers and have good communication skills. We are looking for a strong writer who understands our brand, products and community. Candidates should also be familiar with current social platforms, updates and scheduling tools.   



We are looking for an organized person who is able to: 


  1. Find and reach out to influencers 
  2. Nurture relationships with influencers 
  3. Manage sends to influencers
  4. Discover new micro influencers
  5. Manage our extensive content library 
  6. Manage content from influencers 
  7. Manage spreadsheets and updating information accordingly 
  8. Track sales and marketing campaigns through new promotions


The overarching mission of this role and function is to build out our community at Daily High Club. We want to continue to foster what we’ve built and build more trust in our brand with powerful word of mouth from influential members of the community. We’re looking for help developing and executing our epic and highly unique influencer program.  


Want to apply? Email with the subject line "Bananas"!


Who Is Daily High Club? 


We are the Daily High Club and our mission is to help open doors for you – by delivering the highest quality smoking supplies with the best value and price hook-up that leads the game.


If you’re anything like us, then you’ve paid too much for a pack of rolling papers and a lighter, only to lose them the very next day! The truth is, so-called “convenience” stores take advantage of smokers and charge highway robbery prices.


This happened to us ONE too many times, and we finally said, “there’s got to be a better way.” That’s when we founded Daily High Club and began hooking people up with premium smoking gear for unmatched value.