Bong Accessories

Bong Accessories

Cannabis smokers get attached to our favorite pieces over time. At our online headshop we understand that breaking part of your favorite bong or smoking accessory can be the worst. But there’s no reason at all to toss the whole glass water pipe or dab rig when it’s cheaper and faster to replace a part.

How often you maintain, clean, and replace bong accessories has a lot to do with the lifespan of your bong. Whether you need a new ash catcher, carb cap, downstem and bowl, or other water pipe accessories, we have the best prices on the largest selections of glass water pipe accessories online.

Need a downstem, bowl, or adapter? We have those and so many other smoking accessories for your bongs.

Got Bongs? Get Bowls!

When you invest in a new water pipe or glass bong, get the maximum enjoyment from it with some additional bong accessories. Here are some of our best sellers.

Water Pipe Attachments

Check out our range of striking glass and silicone downstems and bong bowls, and super smooth ash catchers for water pipes and your bongs. We carry enough styles and sizes to create a unique smoking experience for each sesh.


A downstem fits into a water pipe joint and carries smoke from the bowl and slides into the water chamber on the side of the glass pipe... Read More