What Is In Each Daily High Club Box Kit?

Each box is customized every month making each one unique and unique. Boxes can include a variety of glass varying each month - daily High club has featured full glass bongs, novelty glass, and massive steamrollers. Some have been designed and endorsed by our legendary partners! full glass bongs of incredible quality; others include custom steam-rollers designed or endorsed by our legendary partners. It depends on the occasion, on the type of box, and the partners who helped us curate the products.

DHC boxes contain a few essentials: an awesome signature pipe or bong, various high-grade rolling papers, cones, and other smoking paraphernalia. There is almost always a unique smoking accessory or two included: like an ashtray, a smell-proof stash bag, no smell spray, clips, lighters, etc.

Finally, you can count on receiving some high-quality swag like stickers or a valentine’s day card. All of Daily High Club's items will let you show off your love of smoking in many different ways.

While each box is 100% customized each month, there are three things you will find every box:

  • The Daily High Club Hookup– each box is an incredible value for what you are getting. If we are selling it for $35, you can bet it’d be $100 or more bought separately. We hook it up just for you in these boxes.
  • Historic and Cultural Value– It’s almost like you’re holding a valuable piece of smoker history when you get each one of our Daily High Club signature boxes. You really are becoming connected to the greatest influencers and heroes in smoking culture.
  • Getting The Best – Seeing as how these boxes are curated by legends who stake their reputation by putting their name on it,... Read More