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Why Do People Put Ice in a Bong?

Let’s face it, smoking bongs can sometimes lead to a hot, dry and irritated throat, leaving you coughing longer than you’d like.

Adding ice in a bong is the remedy you are looking for.

For the past 14 years I have experimented with different ways to make smoking a bong less harsh, and a more enjoyable experience.

It wasn’t until I realized that the ice catcher was there for a reason, to hold ice and provide much more.

A lot of times people won’t even add ice in a bong. Perhaps it is out of laziness, or maybe they are unsure of how it works. (I have been both.)

So why do people actually add ice in a bong?

There are benefits to adding ice in a bong and here you will learn exactly how you too can get smoother, better tasting, and larger rips from your piece.

Ice in a bong

Benefits of Adding Ice In a Bong

Whether you are a veteran smoker or new to smoking in general, you can always find new ways to enhance your smoking experience, such as adding ice in a bong.

Cannabis smokers have been finding new ways to smoke for years now, and this is just one of the many ways they have made bong smoking smoother with added benefits.

There are many benefits when it comes to putting ice in bongs, here are four that will enhance your next smoking session:

1. Putting Ice in Bong Filters Smoke

For one, this is what ice catchers are designed for. They are meant to act as a filtration system for the smoke.

The bong cannot do this by itself, that is why you need to add the ice to get the benefits of a clean and filtered hit.

2. Ice in a Bong Adds Flavor

Not only are you getting filtered smoke when you add ice to a bong, but you are also getting added flavor.

Whether you are getting the max taste from your bud, or you are adding your own flavors, this really enhances the smoking session.

3. Putting Ice in Bong Acts as a Splash Guard

No matter who you are, the splash back from bong water is never sought after, especially when it is unexpected.

This single handedly is why some people are turned off from water bongs.

Putting ice in a bong can prevent this, as they act as a splash guard by being positioned right above the water chamber.

4. You Can Take Larger Rips When Using a Bong With Ice

When you’re smoking a bong you are most likely looking to take a massive rip that will leave you stoned for a few hours.

Since adding ice to a bong filters the smoke, it lets you take cooler hits which in turn allow you to take bigger hits.

Ice in a Bong Makes For a Smoother Hit

Ice in a bong bong really makes a difference. If you have ever wondered what the grooves in the middle of your bong were for, wonder no more.

Those grooves act as an ice catcher, stopping the ice from falling into the water chamber.

All you have to do is simply add ice through the top of the bong (four or five pieces) and let the ice catcher stop them from falling into the water chamber.

Pack your bowl and take a nice big rip and enjoy.

While it is not required to put ice in a bong, it does help in a big way.

How an Ice Catcher Works

The water chamber already acts as a way to cool the smoke, but when you add ice, the smoke will travel through the bong and hit the ice.

This drops the temperature of the smoke to an easier, more comfortable level to smoke.

This cooling process will make a noticeable difference when you add ice in a bong. Just be sure to not fill the water chamber too high,

as the melting ice will add to the levels.

Keep an eye on the water level and empty the chamber when it gets too full.

ice in bong

How to Add Different Flavors to Your Bong With Ice

When first starting to smoke, you probably didn’t even think to use a bong with ice, why would you?

No one was there to tell me what those grooves were for, and how to use them.

So adding different flavors to the ice catcher probably never crossed your mind either.

I know it took me a little bit of time before I figured out that I could enhance my smoking sessions by

simply changing the water, adding fruits, or different flavored ice.


Try Flavored Water or Another Liquid

This one is probably the most common way smokers change the flavor profile when smoking with ice in a bong.

Not only is it the most common, but like the other two ways it is very easy.

All you need to do is replace the water in the chamber with whatever liquid you desire.

Some people like to use mouthwash to add a minty fresh flavor. While others like to use Gatorade, Kool-aid, or flavored water of their choice.

Whichever liquid you choose, you can really enhance the flavor.


Adding Fruit to The Ice Catcher

This is one of my favorites, by mixing ice and fruit, when the smoke hits the ice catcher it will add whatever flavor you decided to go with.

Some smokers like to add orange slices, strawberries, apples, or even kiwi when using a bong with ice.

So when the smoke hits the mixed ice, it instantly changes the flavor, making it a tasty, refreshing, fruity hit.

The options are endless with this method, making it one of my favorites.

Be sure to clean your bong out thoroughly after using fruits.

Flavored Ice Cubes in Your Ice Bong

If you have access to ice molds then you can actually freeze different liquids and add them to the ice catcher.

You will want to make sure that you have ice molds that are not too big or small, as you will need to fit them into the bong without them falling into the water chamber.

Stoners all over have tried this way of adding flavor for years.

Adding ice in a bong has the luxury of allowing you to enhance your flavor in a variety of ways. So whether you are using soda, juices, or even iced coffee molds how you smoke and what you taste is up to you.


Final Thoughts on Using a Bong With Ice

Putting ice in a bong is a must for anyone who has, or is looking to enhance their overall smoking experience.

Not only does using a bong with ice allow you to take cleaner, smoother, and larger rips, but you get to enjoy the fun and excitement that comes with trying out new flavors..

So no more long coughs, sore throats, or a burning chest. Cool down your smoke by simply putting ice in a bong and enjoy a better high.

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