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Top Halloween smoking supplies and accessories for 2022

Wanting to treat yourself this Halloween? As we get older we may be growing out of trick-or-treating traditions but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something sweet to celebrate! Head to Daily High Club for all your Halloween needs, from spooky glass to nifty and gifty accessories, DHC has all the treats you need for you and your friends to get spooky on Halloween! Host a scary movie night or game night with fun smoking supply prizes, guest goodie bags, gifts for a Halloween gift exchange, or just buy something nice for yourself this time of year, either way, DHC has all the sweetest treats for this time of year.

Daily High Club Donut Joint Holder

Donut Joint Holder

These donut pendants are the perfect sweet treat this Halloween for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth this Halloween without the pain of the cavities. These donuts are perfectly portable for any occasion this year and double as a joint holder, burn the joint to the very end without wasting any product or burning your fingers! This the perfect treat for those who love the portability and convenience of joints.

$19.99 ($29.99)

Grenade Dry Pipe

Grenade Dry Pipe

Planning to get explosively stoned this Halloween? The grenade dry pipe is the perfect fit for any occasion this Halloween. Whether it’s a solo mission after work or the entire squad, stay ready with this dry pipe. The piece includes a sturdy grip handle so it’s less likely to slip out of your hands and is perfect for lighting up anywhere!


Daily High Club Road Rasta Bong

Road Rasta Bong

Whether you are house hopping or party hopping keep this Road Rasta glass by your side throughout the night. This five-inch tall piece is perfect for on the go sessions with friends or for those quick solo sessions between errands on busy days.


Raffle Prize Guide:

Staying in too host an event, party, or game night this year? Raffle off some of these awesome gifts to your friends this year or create your own DHC party pack!

Daily High Club Danklet

The Danklet 

Maybe some childhood trends like trick-or-treating won’t last into adulthood, but who said you can’t still do friendship bracelets? Pick up some of these sweet danklets to share with your friends so that at least one of you is always ready! These danklets double as a pipe and include a small storage unit.


3-Piece Acrylic Grinder

3-Piece Acrylic Grinder

These three-piece grinders are the perfect coffee table gifts for any time of year. This grinder has two chambers, one which works as a product carrying chamber making this ultimate on-the-go necessity.


Raw Pocket Ashtray

Raw Pocket Ashtray

Hand out these pocket ashtrays to your friends, whether they prefer joints or they prefer glass there’s no way of denying the convenience of these pocket-sized trays. Avoid the annoyance of smelly and sticky fingers from ashing bowls out with your fingertips and keep this ready for any situation!


Raw Hydrostone 

Change up the game with these hydrostones that will keep the product at the perfect humidity, it’s a simple but promising goodie to be appreciated all year round! With a long duration of life, this is the gift that keeps on giving.


 Daily High Club Air Freshners

Daily High Club Air Fresheners

These air fresheners delivery a sweet aroma whether you hang it up in your car, in your house, or wherever you toke they’re perfect for diluting the stink.

XL Bacon Stink Sack
XL Bacon Stink Sack 

Planning on celebrating with a bigger group of people this year? Have them bring the supplies and treat them with this stink sack! Each is under $5 so buy a couple for your friends to hand out so that everyone is always prepared to get bakin’.

Mooselabs MouthPeace:
This bong filter is a must have in your everyday smoking session. With 16 months of R&D behind the masterpiece, Mooselabs created the MouthPeace and MouthPeace Filters. Made from biodegradable and recycled materials, the triple-layer activated carbon filters sanitize smoke/vapor and enhance flavors by removing resins, contaminants, and tar; all without blocking your intake or reducing airflow. 
Goodie-bag Guide:

Gifts like these can be great for prizes and giveaways at parties, but perhaps you're getting tougher with a more intimate group of friends, grab some multi-pack sets that include multiple accessories for the perfect goodie-bag set this year-round.

Raw Pre-Rolled Cone King Size + Buddies Tube 5 Pack

Raw Pre-Rolled Cone King Size + Buddies Tube 5 Pack

Grab this awesome tube pack for your friends, with a total of five tubes in each pack order two packs to hand out to your friends this Halloween, or just roll them up for yourself. This pack includes RAW cones making it convenient to pack it up, stick it in the doob tube, and head out. 


5x Stink Sack "Loud Pack"

5x Stink Sack "Loud Pack"

This cassette-style stink sack holds up to 1/8th ounce of herb, perfect for any individual this set comes with five sacks total making it perfect for goodie bags. Carry this in your pocket during a Halloween costume event to add some flair when dressing up as a musical artist or just keep it ready with products that produce your favorite hits.

Daily High Mystery Glass Box

Want to keep things mysterious this Halloween? Pick up one of our mystery boxes this month for an all in one goodie box that includes a surprise piece of glass and accessory items from past boxes. Use these treats for the ultimate goodie bag this Halloween or to offer an array of party favors for your friends to celebrate with!

October '19 King Cobra High-lloween Box
October '22 King Cobra High-lloween Box

Order one of the high-lloween themed boxes before Halloween hits this year, this month's box comes with spooky supplies like the cobra glass piece, candy, and other fun accessories like a vape pen battery!


No matter what you’re doing this halloween make sure to keep it spooky and sweet with these perfect treat sets. Daily High Club accessories make it easy to stay stocked up for any occasion, any time of year.


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