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Top 5 Bob Marley Tracks and their Associated Glass

In honor of the legend Bob Marley himself, Daily High Club wanted to put together a list of his top 5 tracks paired with their associated glass directly from Daily High Glass collection. In honor of what would have been the legends 75th birthday, grab your favorite glass piece or favorite smoking product, open up your Spotify or Apple Music and throw on some Bob Marley. His music is globally symbolic during wake and bake’s, mid-day sesh, or kicking back with your favorite smoking buddies, even if that’s currently your favorite glass.

Bob Marley was known for his phenomenal music talent, religious beliefs, and love for ganja. Marley was born on February 6th, 1945 in Jamaica and quickly became a global icon as his music career with his band, Bob Marley & The Wailers took off. In his life, he was awarded The Peace Medal from the United Nations for his sense of peace amongst an unrest political state within local politics. Bob Marley started practicing Rastafarian religion regularly and he believed that smoking would bring him closer to his spiritual practices. Sadly his life was cut short in May of 1981 when he was 36, when he died of melanoma, a skin cancer. Inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994, his music lives on forever as a communal icon for many stoners, reggae fans, and music lovers in general. 


Could you be loved - Bob Marley & The Wailers

This piece of glass will love you through it all, it’s the perfect adventure buddy and is suiting for this time of year. No bae? No problem, all you need is some green and maybe something new and clean to enjoy it with as well. This micro rasta glass may be just five inches tall, but the performance on it delivers a promising rip every time; with the singular four-hole puck percolator providing the smoothest delivery. While maintaining a sense of simplicity it also offers a sense of variety because of its standard-sized joint at 14mm, this piece is perfecting for transforming into a dab rig.

$79.99 ($99.99)


Three Little Birds - Bob Marley & The Wailers

Don’t worry about a thing when you get to wake and bake with a piece this awesome. Now you can enjoy breakfast in bed and start your day off right; with Marley, two bowls, and three little birds. No doubt that this is the breakfast of champions and a recipe for success when the vibe is right in the morning. Three Little Birds is one of those morning anthems that never fails to lead up to a good setup for the day.

Fun Fact: Bob Marley was inspired to write this song from birds who would frequent his porch stoop.

$44.99 ($74.99)


Jamming - Bob Marley & The Wailers

Whether you’re jammin' out or seshing out, this glass and song are the perfect pair. We rung in the new year with something a little more modern, and modern technology has not failed us when it comes to glassmaking. This simple beaker design is engraved with beautiful colors making it perfect for jamming out with friends. For just $5 more, make sure to check out our January 2020 New Decade Box, which not only includes this glass but a ton of awesome accessories.



No Woman, No Cry - Bob Marley & The Wailers

Needing a little lift me up? Don’t worry, everything’s going to be alright with one of these rasta pieces, this simple two-piece water pipe will be there for you through it all. The classic red, yellow, and green bring a peaceful mood to the session.

Fun Fact: Rastafarians adopted the colors red, yellow, and green as the color of the Rastafarian movement. 



Is this love? - Bob Marley & The Wailers

Yes, indeed it is love that you’re feeling, especially when those delivery updates start coming through for your next daily driver in the mail. If you’re looking for something love every single day and every night, this could be that deal-breaker. At 18 inches tall this glass is guaranteed to blow you away, with it’s two identical circ percs, an additional showerhead perc, a cube catcher for cooling and a splash guard; this piece is the ultimate set to celebrate the way the means of smoking have been innovated and improved throughout history. 

So throw on your favorite Marley tunes, light up, and jam out today in honor of Bon Marley himself. 

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  • Chronic daily high club is the bomb-b for stuff man, cool keep it up guy’s your friend lucky!……….

    Arturo Soto- lopez on

  • I just saw that comment and I agree I’d buy a Kobe inspired piece in a heartbeat

    Owen on

  • Please do a Kobe box or piece. I would personally buy it in a second and it would sell out for sure. You’re welcome

    Alex on

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