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Top 3 Best Glass Pipes For Stoners in 2021

Glass pipes for smoking weed have long been a favorite of smokers everywhere. And the best glass pipes make the smoking experience fun and effortless. Small glass pipes for weed are portable and discreet, as they can be slipped into your pocket and used during the day. 



Using glass pipes for smoking is also quick and user-friendly — there's no need to roll a joint. Simply load the flower into the bowl-end of the pipe and put your thumb over the small hole in the side (known as a carburetor, or carb). Then light up the flower, inhale, and lift your thumb to send the smoke up to the pipe's mouthpiece. 

Glass itself doesn't emit any flavor, so with the best glass pipe you can enjoy the subtle tastes in the terpenes of your weed. And the coolest glass pipes are pieces of art, hand blown with beautiful designs. In this article, we're going to introduce all the types of best glass pipes suitable for every type of individual and occasion. 

Glass Pipes For Smoking Weed: Which is Right For You?

Pipe blowers make all types of high end glass pipes for different kinds of smokers— from the steamroller to the Sherlock pipe to the chillum. Depending on what you need, there will be a suitable glass pipe out there for you. That's why we're going to introduce three of the best glass pipes most stoners look for and use. These include the adorable tiny elephant pipe that I personally tuck away in my luggage when I want to smoke on my travels. 



Small Glass Pipes To Travel With

Some glass pipe smokers look for designs that are minimalistic and easy to use— simply load and light. If you'd like something small and simple that still delivers quality smoking sessions, check out the Daily High Club 4" spoon pipe. This is one of the best glass pipes if you're a beginner who wants something durable and light with the simplest and best glass pipe design. It's thick and sturdy, with a 4" spoon and perfectly compact mouthpiece. It's made from clear glass, with a rasta or gold DHC logo. 

Maybe you're looking for something colorful with a more complex look. Check out this multi-colored cell pipe. It has a unique fumed implosion design that both you and your friends will love to look at. This pipe is 4" and works in very much the same way as the spoon pipe above. Simply load the small bowl with your favorite flower and light up. This is one of the best glass pipes with many color options, choose from one of three colors— or collect them all! 

Cool Glass Pipes No One Else Has

Cool glass pipes for weed can each look totally different from each other. If you want to have fun with one of the best glass pipes for weed, maybe you'll like my personal favorite as much as I do. The assorted solid tiny elephant pipe has a simple structure despite its unique design. Just light up from the elephant's back and press your mouth to his trunk. It's also travel-friendly, will fit in your pocket, and is fine to leave around pets (empty, of course!). 

If you have a sweet tooth, maybe you'd prefer The Crystal Cult apple hand pipe. Shaped uncannily like your favorite fruit, it has a cute dip on the side that you'll load with flower. Then, simply light up and inhale through the green apple stalk. This 4" pipe is discreet but still makes an excellent party piece. It even has a carb on the side, so you'll be able to control the inhale from your apple pipe. These are the best glass pipes when it comes to unique designs that not many people have and you can show off.

High End Glass Pipes For Maximum Durability

Are you a seasoned smoker who's looking for a more unique, higher end pipe? The assorted destroyer pipe has a sleek design and uses clear glass with hints of black, blue, or green. It also has a built-in honeycomb screen to catch loose particles when you inhale— this way, plant material will never reach your mouth. This is a heavy-duty piece that measures 6", but you can still take it with you wherever you go. And with smoothed edges, the destroyer pipe is easy to clean too. Expect it to last you a long time as this is the best glass pipe that is high end yet affordable. 

Different Types of Glass Pipes For Every Occasion

The pipes we've shown you so far are spoon pipes, which are a popular choice as they have the carburetor included in their design. These carbs can keep the flavor of smoke fresher. But let's take a look at a couple of other types of cool glass pipes for weed. 

A chillum is a very basic pipe that's shaped like a simple tube. To use a chillum, you only need to pack flower down one end of the tube, light it and inhale from the other end of the tube. The Daily High Club x HooHNu chillum takes this design a step further, with caps on both ends. Why is this useful? Because now you can seal any residual smoky smells inside the pipe. And that means you can carry this pipe from place to place without stinking up your pocket or handbag. The caps are also child-resistant and water-tight. Making these one of the best glass pipes to carry around for quick hits. Not to mention that this pipe is small and inconspicuous-looking, for extra discretion. 

A bubbler functions as a hybrid. It's small like a glass pipe, but uses water to filter the smoke like a bong. This creates a smoother flavor for the smoker. This footed bubbler is 6" long, but still small enough to carry around with you. Its bottom helps it balance on surfaces when you're not toking. And you can choose between two colors— green or blue. This pipe is resilient and built to last making it one of the best glass pipes when it comes to bubblers. 

Bottom Line

However you prefer to enjoy your weed, there's no question that the best glass pipes are always super practical to use. After all, most of them are portable and have sleek designs anyone would enjoy looking at. We've shown you a variety of the coolest glass pipes here, but there are loads more high-end glass pipes to explore. Take a look in our online shop to see more of the glass pipes we have to offer. 

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