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Top 10 Novelty Bongs and Pipes

Top 10 Novelty Bongs and Pipes

Looking around for some unique new smoking supplies, novelty bongs and pipes are always fun to peruse. Browse some of Daily High Club’s selection of neat novelties and collab bongs available in our online store!

Apple Hand Dry Pipe

DHC Top 10 Novelty Glass Apple Hand Pipe
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so best pick up the Apple dry pipe! The palm-perfect shape, gold trim and beautiful red hue make this a piece you’ll turn to again and again.

90's Cup Bong 

90s cup bong

Take a sip of some sweet smoke with the epic throwback 90's style cup bong! The classic cup design comes with an updated twist - a reinforced mouthpiece and downstem to ensure extra strength and smooth sips of smoke. When you take a rip and fill the chamber, the cup looks just like the old school icee cup! The 90s glass has a 14mm female joint and comes with a glass slide.


Poison Apple Bong

apple bong
This thick glass apple bong stands at 4" tall with an ergonomic design for grip and recessed female joint for ultimate design and function. Our November Poison Apple was a hit in our subscription box and has graduated to one of our online headshop's best sellers! This apple will definitely upgrade your fruity sesh. 

Grenade Pipe

DHC Top 10 Novelty Glass Pieces Grenade Pipe
You might get shell shocked by this explosive original DHC glass! Easy grip grooves and a faux pin handle make it nearly impossible to toss this grenade. Throw in an oversized chamber for bigger, smoother hits, and you’ve got a bombshell pipe.
$32.99 (Reg. $49.99)

B-Real’s Prescription Pill Pipe

DHC Top 10 Novelty Glass Pieces B Real Pill Pipe
We’re bringing you exactly what the doctor ordered this month. The custom Dr. Greenthumb pill-shaped dry pipe is the perfect addition to your smoking supplies collection. One reviewer claims it’s “the chill pill pipe/steamer is in part of my pipe rotation daily;” scoop it up and you’ll see why!

Champagne Bottle Rig

champagne bottle bong
Pop bottles with the original DHC Champagne Bottle Rig! The circ perc’s multiple slits help with diffusion so there is little to no drag, and your bubbles stack for a rip smoother than fine champagne. Celebrate in style with this classy addition to your smoking supplies stash.

2020 Gold Champagne Bottle Bong

gold champagne bottle

If you're looking for an extra snazzy sesh to celebrate, our Gold Champagne Bottle will be the perfect addition! We released this bong April 2020 to keep everyone's spirits high. This novelty bong features a circ perc just like our original green bottle for epic and smooth function. The neck curves in just like a champagne bottle and also eliminates water uptake so all you're tasting are scrumptious snaps.


Frosted Snowman Rig

DHC Top 10 Novelty Glass Pieces Snowman Rig
‘Tis the season all year round with the Frosted Snowman Rig Bong. Sure to bring a smile to your face, this pipe spreads cheer to the smoke sesh. With a 1-hole downstem perc and its curvy physique, this little guy’s pulls are as cute as he is!

Mission Green Dank Tank

mission green dank tank bong
Tank bong? Get the papa tank with this tried and true fan favorite. Designed by DHC and endorsed by legends, the sturdy scientific glass features a 2-hole diffuser for optimal percolation and milky rips. It’s also the primo pipe gift for any vets or those who are currently serving, sure to tug at the heartstrings with every pull. Bonus: choose between a tobacco bowl or premium quartz banger during checkout.
We got to partner with Mission Green on a custom design of our original Dank Tank to help support their cause! Weldon Angelos leads the organization and works to provide pathways for those incarcerated by outdated laws so they can access pardons and expungements to go on to lead meaningful lives. 
$10 from every Mission Green Tank sold goes straight to the cause! Weldon is extremely passionate about this and we are happy to support him and his team.

DHC Honey Bear Rig

DHC Top 10 Novelty Glass Pieces Honey Bear Rig
Seen first in the July “Bear Essentials” Box, this has been a go-to pick for many DHC loyalists. Our 7” honey bottle-inspired rig features a fixed joint fitted with a classic 1-hole downstem while the bodacious bear shape reduces splash. Choose between a frosted brown or white and sweeten up your smoking supplies with the DHC Honey Bear!
Our bongs and dab rigs has truly evolved throughout the years to meet the needs of all our epic members of the Daily High Club! We love creating insane custom novelty glass designs. Your glass is so much more than a bong - it's a collectible and a sign that you're a member of the best Club ever! Stay tuned for new designs featured in our smoking supplies monthly Subscription Box and online headshop.
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