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The RAW Coneverter x DHC Collab

The year is 2021 and if you don't use a converter, are you really living in the present? The future of smoking is here and this all-in-one is everything the community didn’t know we needed. The product was originally released at DHC in our January 2021 Box collaboration with RAW but is certainly a product worth checking out regardless if you're subscribed or not; you don’t want to miss this awesome collab.


The great thing about the converter is that it brings together glass and cones, perfect for the diverse stoner. Whether you’re seshing with the squad or going on adventures, this is the ultimate must-have accessory for flower lovers.

Never face the great debate or try to choose between a joint or bowl again, because why settle? This accessory makes it easy to get that same heavy hit from the volume of a joint with the same smoothness that comes with the hit of a bong.


daily high club coneverter


RAW x Daily High Club "Cone-Verter"

Although this was originally released in our January 2021 RAW X Daily High Club Smoking Subscription Box, this product is too genius to not keep on shelves. Once it’s been broken in a time or two this accessory is an easy second buy, regardless if that’s a gift, replica, or replacement this isn’t something you’re going to want to sesh without. It’s the perfect combination for those who simply want a solid sesh that will last the duration of a whole cone, without repacking over and over. Or for those who simply cant gravitate away from their glass but want the flavor, length, and convenience of a joint.


raw dhc coneverter


How it Works

The RAW converter is essentially exactly what it sounds; it’s meant to convert RAW cones from your basic smokable cone, to a cone that can also be smoked with a glass piece. The device itself looks like a cone but the thinner end is meant to work with any size glass or joint, by simply sliding the cone into the downstem and adding a joint to the other side you can easily turn a cone full of your favorite herb into a nice glass sesh. Perfect for meet ups with new friends, adventures in nature, or just fat seshes around the glass. 


cone verter



Find some of our how to guides and informative videos on our social media like this quick clip that goes through some of the highlights and demonstrates how the cone-verter can be used.

Whether you have an exact game plan in mind or just want to keep your options open, this converter is the perfectly portable upgrade if looking to switch it up with the glass! Not only is it stylish and practical, but it also has a bail attached so it can be worn as a necklace making it easy to take on the go and doing it discreetly. 


frosted beaker coneverter


January 2021 Frosted Beaker + "Cone"verter Combo

If you missed our monthly box and can’t help yourself to a complete set and the perfect combo, you haven’t missed your chance yet. Get the complete set that includes a bronzed, anodized, RAW cone-verter and a seven inch tall glass piece so you can get started right away.


Whether you have your eyes on the set or simply the cone-verter accessory, this is the perfect addition for large collectors who may find their glass collection growing dull or repetitive. It’s the ultimate way to switch it up and can be used solo, on the go, in a group, or in a challenge.

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