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Blog — 2019

2018's Dopest Dab Rigs and Accessories

2018's Dopest Dab Rigs and Accessories As we head into 2019, let’s take a step back and look at all the coolest dab rigs and accessories DHC has debuted in the online store this year. From artistic glass to helpful carb caps, you’ll want to grab up these popular 2018 items before the next year begins. MJ Arsenal “Hydra” Mini Rig Named after the ancient, mythical beast, this ultra-compact yet highly functional Klein recycler tames hot vapors with a cyclone of cool water. The Hydra is the first purpose-built concentrate Mini Rig™ from MJA, and features a triple hole perc,...

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10 Bongs and Dab Rigs You Need for 2019

V10 Bongs and Dab Rigs You Need for 2019 LAs holiday season comes a-knockin', it's time to prep for gift giving and your next year of smoking. Start planning and stock up now with these 10 bongs and dab rigs you absolutely have to have for 2019.  MJ Arsenal “The Dubbler” Rollie Bubbler Double-down with The Dubbler! MJ Arsenal one-upped their classic Martian Rollie Bubbler by adding another mouth to hold your roll. Now you can get double the rip, twice the pull, and a truly out of this world experience. Fits most cones and rolled products.$31.49 The Weapon of...

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Timeless Smoking Supplies That Every Smoker Should Have

Timeless Smoking Supplies That Every Smoker Should Have There will always be fads, whether it's styles or smoke rituals. However, DHC has the plug, when it comes to the latest trending accessories and smoking supplies! From flashy fashion to functional doodads, stock up the stash or grab ‘em as gifts. DHC Roach Smoking Clip Make a statement with this new smokin’ necklace from DHC. Straight from the mind of one of DHC’s own team members, this custom-made, hypoallergenic roach clip and chain is made from thick, heavy steel and plated in 14k gold. The 2” clip holds your roll nice...

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DHC's Smoking Influencers to Watch in 2019

DHC's Smoking Influencers to Watch in 2019 We look to these top smoke-oriented influencers for inspiration, laughs and a way to forget the mundanity of everyday life. Next time you kick back for a smoke sesh, check out some of our faves! Raw OG His long luscious locks are just the tip of the iceberg! Follow his Insta for insight into dope legal concentrates and glass, check out his Twitter for funny snippets of commentary, or view him on Youtube for more antics and smokey situations. Bonus: be sure to view the new fan favorite, the DHC x RAW OG...

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Bong Accessories You Need in 2019

Bong Accessories You Need in 2019 Get a jump on your next year of smoking with these necessary accessories for your bong or dab rig! 18mm Male Ash Catcher Bowl This awesome 18mm male ash catcher bowl is a true smoker’s blessing. Never again deal with ash clinging in the base of your water pipe when you dump the water out. This bowl is a boss, keeping both your bong clean and your smoke perfectly filtered.   $15.99 Directional Flow Carb Cap Take fat dabs at the perfect temperature! This glass carb cap features a directional nozzle so you can twist and...

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