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Stock Up for Spring with Sick Bongs & Dab Rigs

Stock Up for Spring with Sick Bongs & Dab Rigs

DHC Spring Smoking Supplies Cover 2

Spring cleaning is to make room for more glass, right? is now! Out with the old and in with the new -- pick up some of the latest and greatest bongs and dab rigs available in the DHC online store, and stay woke for some truly awesome pieces rolling out later this season.

March ‘19 Bacon Box Bubbler

Spring Smoking Supplies DHC Bacon Bong

Obviously the first pipe that needs to be mentioned is in this month’s sub box. The March 2019 El Primo Box is a dope collab with the “bacon bitch” herself - Zairilla Bacon! We teamed up with the culinary mastermind to cook up a real smoker’s delight, including: 

Daily High Club Bacon Bubbler / Dab Rig
Daily High Club x V-Syndicate Grinder Card
Stink Sack Smell Proof Bacon Bag
RAW Organic 1 ¼ Wide Rolling Papers
RAW 1 ¼ Wide Paper Tin Case
Royal Blunts XXL Mango Tango Hemp Wraps
Clipper Lighter
Wiz Khalifa Rolling Tips by RAW
Daily High Club Cinnamon Bacon Air Freshener
Daily High Club Sticker Set



Candy Heart Dab Rig

Spring Smoking Supplies 2019 DHC Candy Heart Dab Rig-min.JPG

If smoking has truly captured your heart, then there’s no better way to convey your love than with the Candy Heart Dab Rig. Available in green or a barely-there purple, this 7 ½-inch rig makes a super sweet addition to anyone’s stash of smoking supplies.


Lil’ Wavy Straight Tube

Spring Smoking Supplies 2019 DHC Wavy Straight Tube Bong-min.JPG

Don’t let the oxymoronic sounding name full you, this straight tube with a wavy base will definitely be your new best friend. The waved design of the bong is ergonomically designed for your hand to hold it, while also acting as a natural splash guard to keep things clean. A removable 14mm slitted diffuser downstem and ice pinch ensures smooth smoking for Spring!


DHC Imperial Bong

Spring Smoking Supplies 2019 DHC Imperial Bong-min

A serious piece for every smoker, the Daily High Club Imperial Bong is fit for a king - or queen! A showerhead disk perc is reinforced to the bottom of the massive base, stacking bubbles with every pull. Bonus: the insanely sturdy, thick glass will keep this sucker resilient all year long, while the wide base keeps it safe from the usual bumps and shakes.


Bubble Bottom Double Kinked Bong

Spring Smoking Supplies 2019 DHC Bubble Bottom Double Kinked Bong-min.JPG

Another curvy contraption, this uniquely-shaped bong enables cooling by giving the smoke a longer path to travel to those little lungs of yours. This extra long neck combined with the big bubble base guarantees some of the most massive rips from any other handheld bong. So have fun!


Swiss Tower Bong

Spring Smoking Supplies 2019 DHC Swiss Tower Bong-min.JPG

Standing tall, standing proud, this Swiss Tower Bong is a certified showstopper. Multiple, super precise slits in the lower jet perc push water and bubbles up into the Swiss tower stem for diffusion that will not disappoint.


DHC Cereal Bowl Bong / Dab Rig

Spring Smoking Supplies 2019 DHC Cereal Bowl Bong.JPG

Smoke and snack with the exclusive Daily High Club Cereal Bowl Bong! Featuring two 14mm female joints with a detachable mouthpiece and a distinctive reinforced reach-around stemline. Buy this bad boy for a rig that’s truly one of a kind!


Kush Puffs

Spring Smoking Supplies 2019 DHC Cereal Bowl Bong.JPG

Okay, so this isn’t glass but it is something super yummy you should scoop before smoking. Chocolatey goodness made with real cocoa powder, this treat will perfectly satiate your sweet tooth.

*Sidenote: Kush Puffs contain zero CBD or cannabis, just tasty chocolate buds.


DHC Online Store Bongs Dab Rigs

Don't forget to check out more ballin' bongs, dope dab rigs, and sick smoking supplies available now in the DHC store!

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