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Secret Accessories for the Closet Smoker

Secret Accessories for the Closet Smoker

Not everyone wants to advertise they’re a smoker, but you can keep it on the down-low with these 10 discreet accessories and smoking devices. Peruse the list and scoop some supplies in time for the holidays!

Stash Container

Must-Have Accessories for the Closet Smoker Stash Container

This jar is air and water tight, as well as light resistant, to keep your stash safe from the elements and nosy intruders! With 5in of volume, you can keep everything under wraps with this reusable pop-top container.

Building Block Silicone Jar

Must Have Accessories for the Closet Smoker Building Block Silicone Jar

Secretly store your legal concentrates in these vibrant stackable blocks. Each one is made from premium, non-stick silicone, making them perfect for storing even the stickiest of substances.

“The Danklet” Ankle Bracelet Pipe

Must Have Accessories for the Closet Smoker Danklet Pipe

One of the sneakiest smoking supplies, this discreet pipe is perfect for festivals and on-the-go smokers. Handmade from premium materials and completely inconspicuous, this pipe has become a low-key DHC fan favorite.

5X Stink Sack “Loud Pack”

Must-Have Accessories for the Closet Smoker Stink Sack Loud Pack

Just like B-Real (our collab partner for the March ‘18 Dr. Greenthumb box), we wanted to provide you with some of the greatest hits. But these bags don’t carry any tunes. Load up on these 4"x3" bags, perfect for the sly smoker! These cassette tape-shaped bags hold up to 3.5 grams of legal herbs or tobacco, just don’t try to stick it in the boombox!

Toker Tool

Must-Have Smoking Accessories for the Closet Smoker Toker Tool

It splices; it dices; it cleans your bowl! No, this isn’t the start of a bad infomercial, but it is an introduction to the Swiss army knife of smoking supplies. This all-inclusive steel smoking accessory is crucial. And the best part: it can be carried in your wallet for stealthy storage.

Discreet Credit Card Pipe

Must-Have Accessories for the Closet Smoker Discreet Credit Card Pipe

Smoke like James Bond would with the super secretive Credit Card Pipe! A carb helps this skinny smoking device deliver strong smoke, while the card-like design cools smoke by increasing the distance it travels from bowl to mouth. Bonus: multi-layer, magnetic construction ensures easy cleaning! Slip it into your wallet, pocket or bag for crafty carrying.

Mini DHC x Herbsaver Grinder

Must-Have Smoking Accessories for the Closet Smoker DHCxHerbSaver Mini Grinder

Available in 7 vibrant colors, including Light Blue Glow-in-the-Dark, this little grinder is made of medical grade plastic and a magnetic lid that keeps odors in and water out. Just like it’s full-size brother, the 1.5” x 2.5” HerbSaver mini features a relatively roomy storage compartment, three chambers, and includes a handy pollen scraper so you never again have to worry about wasting any product.

Lighterpick Waterproof Dugout

Must-Have Smoker Accessories for the Closet Smoker Lighterpick Waterproof Dugout

Another covert accessory is the Lighterpick Waterproof Dugout. This all-in-one, pocket-sized tool consists of a smell-proof, water-resistant chamber to stash a quarter ounce of your go-to tobacco or legal herb product, while the bottom holds a mini lighter. A 2” retractable pick comes with, helpful for cleaning your included one-hitter cig bat. Check it out in black, silver, pink or orange.

Apple Hand Pipe

Must Have Accessories for the Closet Smoker Apple Hand Pipe

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so you better pick up the DHC x Crystal Cult Apple Hand Pipe! The palm-perfect shape, gold trim and beautiful red hue make this a piece so beautiful you can put it on a shelf and disguise it as an artistic glass decoration.

Daily High Club Gold Roach Clip

Must-Have Accessories for the Closet Smoker DHC Gold Roach Clip

Is this a stylish piece of jewelry, or a cunning smoker accessory? Straight from the mind of one of DHC’s own team members, this custom-made, hypoallergenic roach clip and chain is made from thick, heavy steel and plated in 14k gold. The 2” clip holds your roll nice and tight while flashing an engraved “Daily High Club” insignia.

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awesome products at great prices. I never thought something could give me more enjoyment when smoking my tobacco.


Can’t wait til next week. All items are awesome

Robert Brenner

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