October 2021 Monster Mash Unboxing - Daily High Club

October 2021 Monster Mash Unboxing

As Halloween gets closer gear up with some of the best smoking supplies from Daily High Club, this month's box comes with everything you need for the most epic sesh.

october 2021 el primo unboxing
October 2021 El Primo Box

Although we grow out of trick or treats as we get old, it’s never a bad time to treat yourself to some Spooktacular smoke supplies!

14mm Monster Mash Bong/Dab Rig

This spooky themed piece is perfect for Halloween and year round. Fill this year's party, gathering, or sesh with ghosts, ghouls, and goofs when this piece is loaded up. Regardless if you're someone who likes flowers or concentrates, this is the perfect holiday rig to treat yourself with this Halloween. This beaker comes complete with a downstem and is the perfect size for anyone at the sesh, both experienced or beginner smokers.
14mm male premium glass slide
14mm Male Premium Glass Slide

The best part about this bowl piece is that it’s a more common size, so chances are there might be some other glass laying around the house with the same size. 

14mm male premium quartz banger

14mm Male Premium Quartz Banger

Get the best of both worlds in this month's box by receiving both a bowl piece and a banger. Never decide between having to take a dab or a bowl again after this month's box!

dual sided anodized titanium dab tool

Dual sided Anodized Titanium Dab Tool

Dab in style this Holiday with our favorite dab tool, it’s double sided with a thinner side for precisely sized dabs or getting the last of the glob left in the corner of the jar. It also comes with a thicker, paddled shaped side making it easy to apply to the banger! Perfect for when you can’t find your main tool or if you’re someone who can never seem to keep track of things.

Zig Zag 1 1/4 Wide Rolling Papers

No glass? No problem! These papers come in clutch for on the go smoking or larger smoke sessions on the run. Not all sessions can be planned out, so keep these papers on hand to ensure that you're always ready.

full size clipper lighter

Full Size Clipper Lighter

Stay stocked up on lighters with a fresh clipper every month. Perfect for the active stoner who's constantly going through lighters.

Lion Rolling Circus 2-Pack Hemp Wraps

Keep your smoke clean, tasty, and heavy hitting with these hemp wraps. These wraps keep the smoke cleaner since they are derived from hemp products and not tobacco but still create that heavy burning effect of a blunt. 

Zig Zag King Size Pre-rolled Cone Pack

Although the initial pack of Zig Zag’s may help get through the personal stash, this party pack is perfect for any Spooktacular celebration this Halloween.

Daily High Club Sticker Set

Perfect for collectors across the board, stickers are great for any smoke spots like ashy trays, rolling trays, notebooks, laptops, or even your favorite glass piece!

Keep up with some of the best and newest smoking supplies all year long with DHC subscription boxes. Stay on trend with some of the best smoking supplies that can end up being your new favorite tool or must have. 


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