November 2021 El Primo Unboxing - Daily High Club

November 2021 El Primo Unboxing

Looking for some upgrades and accessories this winter without having to spend all the money on it? With Daily High Club’s El Primo Box, it’s a one stop shop for all the best and latest smoking supplies without spending so much holiday cash on them.

novemeber 2021 el primo

November 2021 El Primo Box

$29.99 - $49.99
old school camera bong

Old School Camera Bong

This colorful piece is a fun addition to any nostalgic collection, these old school cameras are serving retro vibes this fall. Perfect for the photographer and guru alike, this fun piece

10mm male glass slide

10mm Male Premium Glass Slide

This complete set comes with everything you’ll need to get started as soon as it arrives at the door. DHC subscription boxes always come with either a bowl piece or banger so that there’s never a need to shop around for one before being able to put it to use immediately.

420 glass cleaning solution

Formula 4-2-0 Glass Cleaning Solution

While switching pieces, keep the piece of glass on your shelves clean and ready to use with this glass cleaner. Keeping any piece clean is an essential part of glass hygiene, and is crucial for not only getting the best flavor and smoothest delivery, but also to maximize each pull. Keeping the glass in the best condition as possible can also expand the glasses life as well because it doesn’t get worn out so fast!

bong mat daily high club

Custom Daily High Club Bong Mat

Dab mats are one of those items that seem pointless, but they should be a must-have in everyone’s collection, especially glass lovers! It’s so easy to accidentally hit a rig or bong up against a table just a little too hard and even if it doesn’t break immediately, it can cause something called micro cracks which can eventually cause the glass to break unexpectedly. Protect your favorite glass and expand it’s lifetime by making to have this essential mat at every sesh.

elements classic pre rolled cones

Elements Classic 1 1/4 Wide  Pre-rolled Cones

Regardless of being a glass lover or someone who prefers classing rolling papers, these are great to have for backup purposes. Whether an unexpected sesh comes up with friends, or gifting these this holliday as stocking stuffers these are some of the best papers to be rolling with.

full size clipper lighter

Full Size Clipper Lighter

Add to the collection of clippers so that there’s one at each sesh spot; one for the house, the porch, the pocket, or the purse. DHC keeps you stocked and rotating through the dopest clipper lighters.

airtight travel tube

Buddies Airtight Travel Tube

Never bend another joint again after working so hard to get it together, just to have to redo it because it got lost in the depths of a pocket. This tube will keep your goodies in tack and ready to spark from now on.

king size slim raw rolling papers

RAW King Size Slim Rolling Papers

Looking for a bit of a bigger pack than the element? These papers are great for the experienced roller who prefers a larger cone.

sticker set daily high club

Daily High Club Sticker Set

This month's memory box comes with some old school stickers to bring back that same nostalgic feeling that the camera glass gives off!


This is the box that you do not want to miss! Every item is essential and perfect to stock up on before trying to expand our funds with shopping season coming up just around the corner. Keep your eyes out for not only our last subscription box of the year, but some super stellar stoney deals that are rolling out this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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