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Most Dominant Weed Subscription Box in 2022

You’ve no doubt heard of subscription boxes before, but what about a weed subscription box? Cannabis subscription boxes provide users with the latest, most amazing supplies on the market delivered right to their door every month.

New users get what they need to start, and experienced enthusiasts get what they’re sure to enjoy, from rolling papers and cleaning items to the highest-quality tools and pieces.

Whether you’re looking for a weed subscription box for yourself or you want to send a stoner care package to a friend, we’ve got the 411 on the best 420 subscription box around.

Why Weed Boxes Are A Must In 2022

As someone who has used cannabis regularly for the last five or so years, weed subscription boxes have given me a great new way to get my hands on some of the best supplies on the market. Here’s the thing about some of the weed boxes out there though. They either cater to new users or those with more experience.

Best weedbox in 2021

It wasn’t until recently that I found a cannabis subscription box that’s not limited to a particular group of smokers. These weed gift boxes offer a much more diverse selection, containing some of the coolest items for users of all experience levels. Each weed box comes with a great new glass piece and all the essentials you need for the ultimate smoke sesh.

The Ultimate Stoner Gift Box

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to something nice, or you’re in search of the perfect stoner gift box for a friend or loved one, Daily High Club’s El Primo cannabis subscription box could be just the thing. It comes with a ton of great new supplies that offer a way to spice up your (or your favorite person’s) daily smoking festivities.

Each El Primo stoner gift box includes a new borosilicate glass, silicone, or acrylic piece, to break up your usual routine. What’s more, you get a custom Daily High Club sticker set, which is pretty awesome. I, for one, love putting stickers from my favorite shops on my laptop or notebook. They look great, and I love telling people all about where I got them.

A Monthly Weed Box with Unrivaled Prices

Getting a monthly weed box of specially curated smoking accessories sounds pretty great, but you might be worried about the price tag. I know that a too-high price is the fastest way to scare me off from buying something. There have been times when I was left drooling over an item, wishing it was in my budget.

Well, I’ve got some news for you. Daily High Club’s weed subscription box is the most affordable I’ve come across yet. You get more than $100 worth of awesome smoking supplies for only $30 a month! And, if that’s still a little too high (believe me, I get it), they offer two other weed subscription box options. They give you the essentials at an incredibly affordable price. You can choose from the Connoisseur V2 for $20 a month or the RAWsentials box for just $10 a month.

You’re guaranteed to get some great stuff, no matter which of the three weed boxes you select. I started with the Connoisseur V2 box but eventually upgraded to the El Primo box, and I’ve never been disappointed with the selection of items I’ve received. 

The Perfect 420 Subscription Box

Imagine, if you will, being a foodie. You get this incredible box filled with delectable, high-quality treats. Your mouth waters in anticipation as you open the package. You can’t wait to see and taste everything inside. You’re pretty excited, yes?

Guess what? That’s the same feeling cannabis users have when they open up their monthly weed subscription box from Daily High Club, because it's filled to the brim with specially chosen goodies. Each box is packed full of everything you could possibly think to ask for, including a unique bong bowl, banger, dab tool, cleaning supplies, and much more. No matter what, you get plenty of items to keep the fun in smoking, whether you’re on your own or with a group of your closest friends. 

Another great thing about these weed gift boxes is that you get to try new bongs every month. Some of my favorite pieces have come from my DHC weed subscription boxes. They provide all different kinds, ranging in size from as small as 4 inches to as tall as 20 inches or more. They come in various designs as well, so you can diversify your collection.

Cannabis Subscription Box: What Makes Us Unique

Sure, there are other cannabis subscription boxes out there. Most will likely give you five, eight, or maybe even ten pieces every month. Where's the fun in that, though? 

With Daily High Club’s 420 subscription box 2022, you get a much wider selection of supplies, and the best ones available at that. What’s more, DHC doesn’t bother with the little things like fancy packaging and gimmicks. Instead, the goal is to stuff each box as full as possible with the best products around, before they get sealed up and shipped out to cannabis enthusiasts just like you. 

Oh, and there’s one more thing to keep in mind. The supplies that go into your boxes each month are limited in quantity, so that means that your items are much more likely to be unique. Not everyone in the world will have the same cool designs and glass pieces that you do. I, for one, love the fact that I won’t find the same pieces I have everywhere I go. If you like having more exclusive items, this is the weed subscription box for you.

The Bottom Line

A weed subscription box is one of the most convenient, affordable ways to get your hands on the latest smoking supplies. With Daily High Club’s weed gift boxes, you get a selection of the highest-quality items, including some pretty incredible bongs and dab rigs for a price that won’t break the bank. They make an excellent stoner care package for yourself or for the cannabis enthusiast in your life. 

Are you unsure of whether a smoking subscription box is the right choice for you? Or, maybe you’re looking for a few additional items to add to your collection? Daily High Club has you covered. Check out DHC other unique pieces and other smoking supplies to see what strikes your fancy. You won’t be disappointed. 

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