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How To Grind Weed Without A Grinder

We've all been there. You pull out your flower ready to roll a blunt or a joint, but you don't have a grinder. Or you've somehow lost it. But don't panic: there are a few ways to grind your weed, even without a grinder! Most of these techniques you can do with stuff lying around the house, especially our last do-it-yourself method.

Using the ideas below, you'll be enjoying your cannabis in no time.


Use A Pill Bottle And A Dime

All you need is a pill bottle and a dime for our first technique. Or any coin that will fit in the pill bottle, really.

Make sure your coin is clean, and then drop it in the pill bottle with your weed. Now start shaking. The coin will bounce off the walls of the pill bottle and shred your weed to pieces!


Use A Coffee Grinder

If you have a coffee grinder at your house, you technically still have a grinder. Just make sure it's clean before you put your herbs in it.

Pack your weed loosely in the grinder so you don't damage it. Now grind it like just like you would your coffee. Be sure to clean out your grinder might not want that extra kick in your coffee in the morning.


Use A Cutting Board And Knife

This one should be pretty obvious. If you can't grind your weed, you can always cut it.

Grab a sharp knife and a cutting board, and start cutting. You really need to make sure your blade is sharp, or your herbs will just stick to it. But as long as your knife is sharp, you'll be smoking in no time.


Use A Shot Glass And Scissors

This one is for everyone who likes to drink a little!

Grab your favorite shot glass and a pair of scissors. Toss your flower into the shot glass and use the scissors to start cutting.

You probably don't want to use this method if you're going to use the shot glass right away because your herbs will leave behind a strong residue that won't mix well with alcohol.


Use A Cheese Grater

If you have a cheese grater, this one should be pretty easy to figure out.

Make sure your grater is clean (no one wants to smoke any cheese), slide a plate underneath it, and start grating. Be sure not to cut your fingers in the process, and clean up the grater when you're done.


The Tried and True: Use Your Hands

If you don't have anything available, you still have hands. It can get annoying if you have really sticky bud, but it's worth it if you don't feel like putting together a makeshift grinder.

If you start pulling it apart and it's REALLY sticky, let it dry a little, or you can stick it in your freezer for a minute. This will always be the easiest way to break up your weed without a grinder.


Bottom Line: Get A Grinder!

These options are great if you're in a pinch, but you need a grinder! No one wants to look around for a cheese grater or a cutting board when you're ready to smoke. Just buy a grinder!

If you've never used a grinder before, it's pretty simple:

  • Put your nugs in the teeth of the grinder. Avoid the center because that's where the magnet pivots. Oh, and always pick out the seeds and stems.
  • Rotate the grinder about ten times to grind down the nugs until it falls through the holes into the storage chamber.
  • Now unscrew the grinder section and storage chamber to get to your fresh weed, and use it to roll your blunt or pack your bowl.

Now, what are you waiting for?! Make do for tonight, and then get your weed grinder!

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