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How to Clean a Dab Rig

Knowing how to clean a dab rig can seem complex, especially if you're new to dabbing.

Wax oil rigs don't appear to be simple smoking devices, at first glance. To watch someone torch their dabs can be intimidating. We're here to break rigs down for you.

In this article, you'll learn all about rigs, how to clean dab rig, collecting oil, and why it's so important for your health to keep hash oil rigs clean. So, torch up and continue reading to become a dabbing rig expert!


Before we dive into cleaning methods for dab setups, let's get a better understanding of what wax rigs are exactly. 

Dab rigs are pipes designed for vaporizing cannabis concentrates. Referred to as, vapor rigs, concentrate pipes, oil rigs, wax rigs, hash oil rigs, shatter rig, or just rigs. Devices like these pack a huge punch! Wax concentrates are cannabis in the most potent form.

If you compare smoking flower to drinking beer, dabbing cannabis wax concentrates is like taking shots of 100 proof liquor straight to the dome. Sounds exciting right? It is!

Lighting a dab nail with a lighter simply won't cut it. Instead a butane torch is used to heat up the hash oil. Where are all the pyromaniacs at?

It's important to keep your wax oil rig clean to maintain a proper function and improve your dabbing experience.

Dab rigs begin to build up excess oil which can clog your dab glassware and impede the flavor of your next dab. The excess oil ain't all that bad if you want to save extra product but we'll get into that later.

Let's jump right into dab rigs cleaning.


Dab cleaning can be fairly easy and you can actually find items around the house that are effective in getting that resinous buildup out of your favorite rig.

Here's a list of items you'll need to clean oil rigs for wax:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol)
  • Coarse Sea Salt or Rock Salt
  • One Resealable Bag
  • Q Tips

How to Clean Wax Rig Step-by-Step

Step 1. Torch Nail

A simple way to clean a rig that hasn't been used very often can be torched until resin or residual carbon is burned completely. With minimal oil buildup, torching should sufficiently clean it. Grab an alcohol soaked qtip to fine tune the nail.

Step 2. Take Banger Nail Out of Rig and Place in Resealable Bag

If you've gone too long without dab rigs cleaning, you'll need further assistance. Place banger nail or cup in a resealable bag. Pour Isopropyl Alcohol in and let it soak. You can add coarse sea salt to the mix and shake it up if your nail is exceptionally dirty.

Step 3. Pour Water Out of Dab Rig

This should be done after each dabs sesh to prevent oil buildup and preserve flavor of terpenes.

Step 4. Add Alcohol and Salt to Rig

If your rig is very dirty, add coarse sea salt for deep cleaning your rig. If your wax rig isn't very dirty, just pour alcohol into base of rig.

Step 5. Shake Rig

If you have carb caps, place them over the mouth piece and other openings. If you don't have carb caps, place your hands over openings and shake. Use q tip to clean the grooves where oil has really built up.

Step 6. Rinse Dab Nail and Rig

This part should be done very thoroughly. Make sure you rinse with warm water for about 3 minutes to ensure all alcohol is washed away.

How to Clean Dab Rig Without Alcohol

For some dabbers, using alcohol for cleaning dab rigs seems too toxic, harsh, and abrasive, which is why we put together a bong cleaning kit that works for bongs and rigs!

shatter rig cleaning kit

Bong Cleaning Kit Includes (used for dab rigs & bongs):

  • ResRemover Cleaning Solution (best bong cleaner)
  • Resolution Colo ResCaps
  • Smojo Screen (to maintain clean dab rigs)
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Smoke Cleaning Wipes

This kit includes all you will need to effectively and efficiently clean dab rigs and dab tools.

how to clean a dab rig without alcohol

Step 1. Add water to ResRemover.

Step 2. Pour ResRemover into dab rig.

Step 3. Place ResCaps on openings of rig.

Step 4. Shake until all oil buildup has been removed. Fine tune tight areas of dab rig with pipe cleaner.

Step 5. Rinse with warm water.

Step 6. Use 420 Smoke Cleaning Wipes to maintain a clean rig.

How to Clean Dab Rig Without Alcohol or Dab Rig Solution

If you want to know how to clean a dab rig while not using any alcohol or any dab rig solution then you can simply use the most basic method possible.

All you will need is water, a pot and stove or kettle. You can use a microwave, but I would recommend the pot or kettle approach.

This method is the fastest way possible if you are out of iso alcohol or dab rig cleaning solution. So here’s how to clean your dab rig using just water and a stove in just six easy steps:

Step 1: Boil your Water and Grab Your Dab Rig

First you will want to start by bringing your water to a full boil and letting the steam really start to build up.

Step 2: Hold Your Dag Rig Over the Steam

Next you will want to hold your dab rig over the steam and allow the heat from the steam to break apart the oil and gunk. 

This part of dab rig cleaning is fun to watch, you can actually see the process happening before your eyes.

Step 3: Let your Dab Rig Sit for one minute

This will allow the heat to sit there and loosen up the gunk. Do not let it sit for too long, as you don’t want to lose all the heat.

Step 4: Pour the Hot Water Into The Dab rig

Here you will want to be careful not to burn yourself, and you will want to be gentle with the glass. You will want to make sure that you are using tempered glass that is made with decent quality. This is the most natural dab rig cleaner you will come across. 

Step 5: Shake the Water Around

Now you will want to cover the mouthpiece and the insert where the nail banger goes. Once they are sealed up you will want to shake away.

Careful not to burn yourself, and try not to damage your rig.

Step 6: Pour Out the Water

Be sure you are dumping out the water in one fluent motion. When dab rig cleaning you don’t want to pour the water out slowly, by doing so you are giving the oil a chance to stick to the sides as you pour.

If this were to happen then you would have to start the process over. This is the best way to go if you want to know how to clean a dab rig without alcohol or dab rig solution.

How to Clean Any Other Dabbing Accessories

Quartz inserts, tweezers, banger nails, carb caps and terp pearls can be inserted into a cup of alcohol to soak.

If you're not down with using alcohol, use ResRemover that's included in our bong cleaning kit.

How to Clean Dab Banger Nail

If you want to know how to clean dab nail, it is pretty simple as well.

After each dab, while the the banger is still warm, use a cotton swab to get any charred residue or extract puddles out of nail.

If you use one side of the swab to absorb cannabis oils, you'll be dabbing without leaving extra residual.

If your nail has seen a few dabs before a cleaning, the oil buildup may be too much for just a cotton swap. You can use 420 wipes on banger nail or soak q tips in alcohol or ResRemover solution to remove buildup.

How to Clean Carb Caps

Carb caps actually don't require as much or as frequent cleaning as the nail but should still be maintained after each dab sesh.

Simply wipe carb cap with q tip soaked in alcohol. Or if you're not down to use alcohol because of its level of toxicity, use your 420 wipes that came in your bong cleaning kit.

You can torch carb caps to loosen heavier residue before wiping down.

How to Clean Dabber Tools or Wands 

Cleaning for dabbers is typically fairly easy. To clean a wand, torch it over parchment paper to save any extra product.

Once you've gotten all oil off, wipe the dab tool with a paper towel.

Remember to use tweezers to hold wand since heat can quickly transfer through the tool.

Now That You Know How to Clean a Dab Rig Teach Someone

Now that you're an expert and you have a better understanding of how to clean your dab rig and why it's important to keep dab rigs clean, you can share your knowledge with others.

You even know how to clean a dab rig without alcohol, get your excess oil from a good ole dab rig cleaning.

Remember dab rigs require daily maintenance to ensure optimal performance and to prevent a treacherous cleaning process after 1 too many dabs.

Purchase our bong cleaning kit if you're not okay with using isopropyl alcohol. You'll be glad you did!


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