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Essential Cannabis Accessories For Every Stoner in 2022

You’d be hard-pressed to find any cannabis enthusiast who doesn’t believe a smoking session is better with some high quality cannabis accessories. Some of the best cannabis supplies make a user’s life easier and allow them to enjoy each experience to the fullest. 

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Here’s the thing: not all cannabis smoking accessories are equal. When looking for cannabis items to take your sessions to the next level, you want the best, highest quality products out there. Well, guess what? From cool cannabis decor to great cannabis gadgets, we’ve got you covered with some of the best cannabis accessories on the market today. 

The Best Cannabis Paraphernalia to Start With

As a new user, the world of cannabis merchandise can be a bit overwhelming. With so many cannabis accessories out there, how do you know where to start? If you’re a long-time user, you may have collected some cannabis paraphernalia over the years, but you don’t quite have it all just yet. Here, we’ve got some of the neatest cannabis gear available today that, regardless of your experience level, you may have never seen before. What’s more, these cannabis accessories are ideal for all types of users, from the occasional smoker to the frequent toker.

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Cannabis Decor For Every Outing

When it comes to wearable cannabis decor, you may be thinking about pot leaf necklaces or a cute little pin. While those are great, we’ve got something a bit cooler than average cannabis accessories, a combination anklet/stash holder better known as the Danklet ankle bracelet. It’s stylish and comes in different colors, enabling you to accessorize accordingly. 

At first glance, this nifty little anklet looks like nothing more than just a piece of jewelry. However, unscrewing it will reveal a little space to store a bit of ground weed. Unless you take it off somewhere public, no one will ever be the wiser. You can discreetly carry some of your favorite strain with you wherever you go.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than a covert way to carry cannabis, we’ve got one more piece of information to share with you. The Danklet is also a pipe. The storage space is actually a bowl. One of the beads on the other end has a discreet hole for the mouthpiece. It’s one of the most convenient, portable, and fashionable pipes, and it’s ideal for all of your on-the-go smoking sessions, from festivals to hikes in the woods and everything in between. Making this a fan favorite when it comes to cannabis accessories for people constantly on the move.

Cannabis Gear For Your Special Smoke Sesh

Regardless of your cannabis smoking experience, you no doubt know the importance of a grinder, as it is one of the most popular cannabis gear used. It breaks down your buds into smaller, consistent pieces ideal for a great smoke sesh. Perhaps you already have one on hand (or three). They’re one of the most common cannabis accessories around, and you can find them almost anywhere. 

What you might not have is something quite like the Hammercraft X RAW four-piece grinder. We know what you’re likely thinking: “I already have a grinder that works. Why do I need another one?”

The partnership between Hammercraft and RAW led to one of the highest-quality aluminum grinders you’ll ever find. It’s got three compartments – one for grinding, another for storing your perfectly ground buds, and a third for collecting pollen. It comes in two color options: black or rasta. Even if you already have a grinder that you use, you won’t regret adding this one to your cannabis accessories collection. It’s great for home use and on the go. If you want, you can even grind before you leave the house, and you won’t have to put anything in a separate container. 

Cannabis Gadgets Critical to Elevate Your Experience

For those who enjoy dabbing concentrates, there’s even cannabis accessories for you too. You’ll want to check out these crystal quartz terp pearls. If you’ve never heard of them before, terp pearls are a great little addition to your banger that enhances your experience by improving the vaporization of your dab. These particular ones come two to an order for only $10. It’s a great deal for high quality cannabis gadgets you’re sure to love.

Terp pearls help to vaporize your concentrates at lower temperatures. Lower temps mean the preservation of more terpenes, which results in more flavorful (and much smoother) hits. They’re fun to watch, too. When you inhale on your rig, they spin around. You might even want to try using these pearls in a dim room because they also glow in the dark. It’s a whole sensory experience you’ll have to try. Fair warning: you might not want to dab any other way ever again after trying these cannabis gadgets. 

More Cannabis Merchandise For Your Daily Travels

We’ve got a couple more cannabis accessories for you that are perfect for your daily excursions. First up is the Dart Pro Pipe. It’s an ideal supply for those who like to smoke on the go, but don’t want to worry about having to roll a joint or carry a more delicate piece like a glass pipe. It’s portable, durable, and, best of all, discreet. Making it one of the best cannabis accessories for stoners. You pack just enough bud for a single hit, light it, and inhale. Then you can quickly empty your bowl and be on your way.

The Dart Pro pipe is Dart's flagship product and is the ULTIMATE pipe for you on-the-go. Dart's state of the art craftsmanship and ingenious design innovations, they have created the most advanced pipe in its class. Boasting a sleek profile while featuring a replaceable filter system for the smoothest hits possible, built-in mesh screen, silicone sleeve, and their signature ash-ejection button. It is truly groundbreaking and will change the way you enjoy your weed. 

If you’re the type of user who likes to show off your love of cannabis there’s cannabis merchandise for you too. You’ll love the Daily High Club sticker pack. Each set comes with eight unique and fun stickers for less than $10. They’re also randomly chosen, so each order is a mystery. You can slap them on your torch, computer tower, laptop, notebook, water bottle, or anywhere else you like placing stickers. 

Part of what makes the stickers so perfect is that they’re ideal for anyone who loves cannabis, whether they’re a user or not. They’re also a piece of cannabis decor that makes a great conversation starter. You might find that you get approached by other enthusiasts, and the next thing you know, you’ve got some awesome new friends. 

Other Cannabis Supplies For Every Smoker

All too often, the smallest things are the ones that get overlooked. For smokers, those things are usually cannabis supplies like a lighter or pipe cleaners. That’s why having an essentials bundle from Daily High Club comes in handy. You get a lighter, hemp wick, and eight pipe cleaners for only $6. You can then keep these items with your smoking stuff, so you’ll always have what you need. 

Finally, anyone who smokes a bong knows the importance of a clean piece. The process, however, isn’t always the most pleasant. Having something to make it easier to clean can go a long way.

Daily High Club’s bong cleaning kit is the surest way to keep your piece looking fresh and new. It’ll help to prevent mold growth and extend the life of your bong. Not only that, but a clean bong is also one of the best ways to get the most enjoyable hits. 

Bottom Line

There’s no getting around the fact that quality cannabis accessories make every smoke sesh better. The best news is that there are some pretty fantastic pieces of cannabis merchandise on the market. From funky stickers to functional anklet pipes, there’s cannabis gear for everyone. These cannabis supplies are sure to please users of all experience levels, so go ahead and check them out. You might surprise yourself and find your new favorite cannabis gear! 

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