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Erik Khan Feature

Erik Khan is a long time partner and collaborator with Daily High Club who we have been proud to not only work with as an affiliate but also collaborate with on some of our monthly boxes in the past.

Khan is an all around glass lover and cannasseur making him an overall good time guru, his great vibes are visible in his videos, posts, and streams. 

This is why he’s been so successful with building such a loyal fan base, is because regardless of whatever he’s dealing with he’s always down for some good vibes and endless sesh’s with his viewers, whether that’s through a vlog or livestream he definitely knows how to bring himself and his followers back up.

Glass lover

Erik Khan is well known for his love for glass, with a range of collectors items that vary from smaller glass pieces to bigger heftier ones. Throughout his videos and posts he’s showcased a variety of not only glass, but has even featured some of the hottest and trendiest devices like the PuffCo on his media. 

He’s in touch with not only DHC’s glass collection but likes to post product reviews and comparisons of other products as well. On his YouTube channel, much of his cannabis related content and work can be found and if one thing that remains consistent throughout Erick’s content it’s his absolute passion for not only glass and product, but the industry as a whole. If ever seeking out some of the dopest glass and trends, his page is the go-to for the hottest and best items in the industry.

erick khan

YouTube Channel

Khan has been making YouTube videos for years now; from basic blogs to product reviews he has done it all! With such a longstanding name on channel he’s managed to rack up his following to a solid fan base that mostly tunes in on his YouTube channel and his livestreams on twitch. 

He has a range of videos on his YouTube that contain everything from myth busters, to product comparisons, to different smoke challenges. His videos are fun to tune along with too because he has this bright and authentic personality that is so inviting and cheerful.

erick khan youtube

These function photos are directly from Erick Khan’s instagram of him using his DHC collab piece as both a rig and water pipe.

Cannabis Influencer

Because of his versatile nature, it's safe to say that Khan is a true cannasseur. Not only does he dabble with a multitude of consumption types, but he also seems to like genuinely trying out different brands and products. On his channel, he’s done device reviews, product reviews, vlogs, and compared different priced grams of similar products, tested out moonrocks, and has even tested out more “exotic” style products.

erick khan daily high club box

Because he dabbles in all realms including dry herb, concentrates, and edibles so there’s a little something on the page for everyone. If ever facing any questions or doubts when it comes to your favorite cannabis product or while hunting down the next product to try, browse his page first for different reviews and some honest feedback on different products.

Although the complete set sold out, his glass is still available online as a stand alone piece.

DHC Collaborator

Not only have we worked with Erick as an affiliate for years now, but back in February 2020 we did a collaboration with Khan to bring you guys one of the sweetest Valentine’s Day boxes to your front door. The Erick Khan Rose Beaker Bong is perfect for any sesh and the sweetest gift for any glass lover and a great way to show your favorite stoner that you were thinking of them. 

The rose design on the glass parallels his tattoos so each purchase really does offer a little piece of him. Although no longer in stock, we actually did an entire monthly subscription box collab that went out last year in February. Now that the monthly subscription is sold out we are still offering the glass online by itself.


At DHC we are proud to work with some of the most inspired and passionate people in the industry who always give some of the most transparent feedback. Erick has been loyal to not only Daily High Club but loyal to the industry as a whole. If you have a favorite influencer that you are committed to and want to see grow with our company let us know in the comment section or send them to our affiliate application online!

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