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Best Tommy Chong Smoking Products

In honor of our epic Tommy Chong collaboration, we're doing everything Tommy style at Daily High Club! Cool, man. And any true Tommy Chong fan knows that the guy likes his papers. Forget the fancy glass - this is a man of simplicity and efficiency. With our epic Tommy Chong box and a few of these items - you, too, can smoke just like the legend himself. 

Looking for other supplies to smoke like Chong? We have a few items in mind! 


First of all - Chong loves wearables. Have you noticed he always has something around his neck to smoke out of? Our Danklet is perfect to channel your inner Tommy. 


This classic method is true, original Chong. We have an epic selection of Hempire, Elements, RAW packs and more. A simple pack of papers can be a true game changer!

chong daily high club raw papers


Take your rolling experience to a new level with our Daily High Club rolling tray kit! Don’t lose anything in your rolls with this nifty pack. 

rolling tray


Roll an extra with all your new Daily High Club swag? Smoke double the amount for double the fun with our RAW Double Barrel. Tommy wouldn’t want you to have to choose! 

raw double barrel daily high club smoking supplies


Do you have a place to put all your new goodies? Daily High Club has the perfect storage supplies to keep your precious rolls tight and protected. Our pre-roll tubes are the perfect discreet way to keep your rolls fresh. 

raw pre roll cones daily high club smoking supplies

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