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Best Online Head Shop 2021

Finding the best online head shop can be a challenge when trying to find quality smoking tools.

You can be rest assured knowing Daily High Club puts quality first as all glass is made from borosilicate heat resistant glass and slow cooled for excellent quality bongs and dab rigs. With free shipping on all US order and excellent customer service, Daily High Club is the best online head shop in 2021.

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Online Head Shop With High Standards

Tired of flimsy non-reliable glass pieces that keep falling short? Look no further, you've came to the right place! Take a look through each of our unique headshop categories where we put quality, expression, and design first.

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All DHC bongs are made from borosilicate glass which is low in thermal expansion therefore making it the perfect type of material to withstand thermal shock. You can smoke comfortably knowing your bong won't go breaking on you if it gets too hot. Using this type of material is also the most ideal for clean-ability and can be a seamless process when properly cleansed.




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Dab Rig

Dab rigs are the best fit for getting the most optimal high with your concentrates or wax oils. DHC concentrate rigs are made out of the same material as their bongs, so you can be rest assured that rig of yours will withstand the highest of temperatures while delivering the smoothest and tastiest smoke experience.



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Bubblers are great for convenience and being discreet, although generally bigger in size when compared to dry pipes. They have a water chamber which allows for more bubbles to be formed and in turn, filtering out the harsh hitting smoke and cooling it down. Simply fill with water and toke away!


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If you're a smoker at all, it should be a no brainer that grinders are an essential to add to your smoking supplies. Using a grinder allows for dry buds to be broken up to the the desired size, making it easier for rolling up or packing bowls. A dry herb grinder can also be used for storing your tasty cannabis as well as saving and collecting kief. Yummy!


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Dry Pipes

Dry pipes are the absolute best for on-the-go travels or if you're looking to be a little more discreet with your smoking. They are convenient and come in fun designs that can make for amusing pieces to add to your collection.




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Dab Gadgets

If you have a dab rig then dab accessories are a must. If you want to enjoy your oil rig, you will be needing a dab wand, dab nail, or items such as a quartz banger. Having a torch is also vital for lighting up that delicious concentrate of yours.




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Bong Gadgets

Getting your hands on some dope bong accessories will benefit your smoking experience tenfold. Smoking accessories and add ons such as a percolator, downstem, or diffusers are an excellent way to get smoother and less harsher hits.


Online Headshop with Creative Cannabis Solutions

As the cannabis industry evolves so does the amazing products. Smoking marijuana can cause a lot of tar and unhealthy deposits in your lungs, so an amazing solution was a weed filter that prevents and filters out unwanted harmful toxins. Take a look at all these genius ideas that can help you buy the perfect tools for smoking.

Bong Cleaner

Having a bong cleaner on deck is always a must if you want to maintain a clean and healthy hitting bong. Avoid DYI methods such as alcohol and salts which can damage your lunge and bong. Harmful toxins such as mold, biofilm, tar, and resin form on glass, making it highly toxic to inhale into your lungs. With a bong cleaning kit, you can rest east knowing you're smoking from a sparkling clean glass.

Weed Filter

Adding a weed filter to your smoking supplies can benefit not just your lungs but your overall smoking experience. All the toxins and harmful bacteria will be filtered out before hitting your lips, allowing for optimal taste profile and smoothness upon inhalation. Give your lungs a break and get a weed filter now!

Smoke Screen

A smoke screen is helpful to have to catch any unwanted buds that happen to make its way up to your mouth when inhaling. This can happen when smoke is inhaled too strongly and carries what is called 'scooby snacks' up and passes through the mouth piece.

Why Shop at an Online Head Shop?

You may be asking yourself, why shop at an online headshop?

The answer is simple.

There are PLENTY options and choices to choose from, ranging from premium glassware dab rigs to all the rolling supplies, accessories, vaporizers, and water pipes you could ever ask for! With just the touch of your fingertips, you can have all your smoking supplies delivered right to you! 

You have endless alternatives to browse from, and you’ll be able to have anything you need from a click of a button.

Shopping from an online head shop is great for the following three reasons:

Shopping From an Online Headshop is Easy

You have the ability to browse an entire warehouse of dab rigs, glass bongs, vaporizers, hand pipes, rolling papers, lighters, grinders, and more, all with a click of a button and without leaving your home.

Online Head Shops are Fast

As long as your WiFi is running properly, you will be able to add to cart and purchase quickly. Shipping is free, reliable and efficient, you'll have a speedy delivery! In the case there are any shipping delays our staff is there to help resolve any issues and make sure you have the best experience with our online headshop.

Online Headshops are Convenient

No need to walk around aimlessly in a store or wait for a customer to get out of the way. Enter what you're looking for in the search box and get results instantly. Can't find exactly what you're looking for? A list of related items will be suggested for you.


Daily High Club: The Best Online Headshop


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In addition to DHC's spectacular options, they offer monthly subscription boxes with stunning creative designs and packaging, that includes breathtaking product selections!

There's no denying the VALUE you're receiving when choosing the best online shop.

When you buy online, unlike most head shops, you’ll be able to have multiple colors and choices to choose from. Head shops are limited in this aspect, for they generally carry random brands and far less products. It’s also worth noting that when buying from a storefront, prices are pulled all the way up. In other words, if you choose a smoke shop online instead, you’ll be getting the best bang for your buck!

Online Head Shop vs Regular Head Shop

What's the difference between an online head shop vs a regular head shop storefront?

Shopping online has gained popularity over the years, and thousands of people are making the switch from storefronts to e-commerce stores.

Finding the right bongs or dab rig products no longer have to be an inconvenience when shopping from a reputable online store. With remarkable deals and subscriptions, Daily High Club takes the cake for their outstanding products and excellent customer service.

Let’s take a deeper look into the pros and cons of both:

Pros to using an online headshop

There are plenty of bonuses and upsides to using an online head shop, making it the perfect option to choose for all your favorite smoking necessities. From a click of a button, you can have all the smoking tools and essentials you need.

Let's look over some of the benefits to using online headshops:

  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable
  • Fast shipping and delivery
  • Free delivery within the United States
  • Endless categories and collections
  • More variety & accessories
  • Better deals, offers, and prices
  • High quality premium products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Consistency


Cons to using an online head shop

While there aren't many downsides from using an online headshop it's obvious that you have to wait for your product to be shipped. Here are some of the few cons of using an online headshop compared to an actual store.

  • You won't receive your products instantly
  • You aren't able to view the products in person

Pros to Using a Storefront Headshop

When comparing a storefront head shop to an online head shop, there are not many pros. Take a look at the following reasons a store front holds an advantage over online headshops.

  • You can see and touch the products in person
  • Convenient if you need smoking supplies asap or on-the-go


Cons to Using a Storefront Head Shop

When comparing the cons of using a brick and mortar headshop compared to online head shops there are many! Due to less fees to operate a online head shop this translates in lower priced products and free shipping. Take a look at the list of all the cons of buying at a store compared to online headshops.

  • Over priced
  • Limited accessories and selections
  • Less convenient
  • Different types of quality glass
  • No deals or subscriptions
  • No shipping
  • Random sellers
  • Not consistent


As you can see, while a storefront may be more accessible depending on where you are, it's a no brainer that the pros out weigh the cons when using an online head shop. Now that you have a better understanding of both options, you’ll be able to shop in confidence and save money when shopping online!

Exclusive glassware, dab rigs, accessories and high-quality smoking supplies for great prices? What a steal! 

How To Navigate an Online Headshop

When browsing a user-friendly online head shop such as DHC, the guess work of finding what you're looking for is made simple. The website was designed with categories in place for you to be able to click through and browse with ease.

If you know what you're looking for specifically, you can type keywords into the search box and a list of that exact product, along with products related to or similar to your search will be suggested instantly.

By the off chance you don't know what you're looking for or where to begin, click through the categories. When you find something that catches your eye and sparks interest, clicking on the product will pull up specs details of what that certain bong or dab rig includes, the material it's made of, the sizing, and so on.

Once you've found that perfect dry pipe or glass bong you know you can't live without, simply add to cart and proceed to check out.

Shipping is free for all orders being shipped within the US. The wait time for your package to arrive is never long!


Now that you know all the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping, you'll have a seamless time choosing the best way to get the best premium products and smoking accessories. While having the option is always nice, shopping from a smoke shop online is no doubt the better of the two choices.

Endless reefer products and supplies have never been made easier! Why go through the hassle of going to a storefront, when you can have them delivered right to your doorstep with no shipping costs?!

Owning a high-quality glass piece is essential if you're a marijuana enthusiast. Everyone loves a smooth, strong, crisp tasting rip, and if you're shopping from the one and only Daily High Club, you'll never be left disappointed.

***Disclaimer: The Daily High Club website may contain general information about diet, health and nutrition. This information should not be considered as advice and should not be treated as such. Read our full Terms and Conditions here.***

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