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Best 420 Challenges

As 420 climbs closer, none of us really know when things will fully be normal again, but don’t worry, if you do happen to be stuck inside again we’ve got you covered with some of the best content and 420 challenges that have come out since the start of this wild pandemic! Whether you’re going all out this year, celebrating like a daily toker, or in peace in the comfort of your own company, this can be some fun ways to test your endurance this holiday. 
Pass the Glass
At the beginning of the pandemic, I think many of us smokers struggle most with adjusting to not being able to sesh out with friends. It was hard to not anticipate smoking with buddies when that’s your ritual or simply just your favorite way to unwind. With zoom growing in popularity, this trend quickly went viral! All you will need is a few friends, zoom group, and all of your favorite smoking supplies! Simply decide which way the joint or glass is going to be passed and work some creative magic to make for a fun virtual sesh!
Don’t Rush Challenge
This challenge is a fun little boost for the beauty gurus of the world, because who said you're limited to one passion or inspiration? For those who like to get dressed up or dolled up, this fun little challenge typically begins with one person behind the camera looking casual or natural, and then they would blow smoke into the camera. As the smoke fades, a new image of the same person but dolled up would appear.
Blinker Challenge
Now this challenge is a little limited to those who have the Stiiizy devices, but nonetheless a fun one. All this one requires, is to inhale a Stiiizy vape cart until the device light starts to blink! Once it begins blinking then the vape rip is over and it’s game over for you after that.
Wiz Khalifa Challenge - 10 Puff / Kush up Challenge 
This was a fun challenge that Wiz Khalifa got down with a lot at the beginning of the pandemic as well, because it gets people talking and was a fun way to virtually sesh! Typically the ten puff challenge would primarily be performed while smoking a joint, but others have used a bong. The point of the challenge is to get through 10 puffs of smoke without exhaling any of the smoke or
previous rips!
This or That
This is more of an internet trend that can be used for a lot of different subjects, but it’s a fun way to show off some of your preferred smoking methods for the big rippers of the world! Essentially you choose two competitors (i.e. blunts vs joints) and caption your video with the two options, and on camera quite literally, move toward the word that you would prefer. Not only is it some fun content but it can also be a fun activity if you have high user interaction, which could be a fun way for your audience to get to know you!
Hot Box Challenge
This is a classic challenge that’s great for making memories! No film or technology necessary here! Simply some good herb, some good glass, and some good company will make for a perfect hotbox challenge, whether it’s your room, garage, or tent it’s fun to get silly stoned during these intense sessions.
Invisi-Glass Challange 

Since social media tends to be more heavily restricted for some internet users in this community, there is a trend that has a fun little twist to make it more media friendly. Creators would either pretend to be rolling a cone or packing a bowl and then once it’s ready, they will pretend to light it. Finally, they blow smoke out after pretending to hit the imaginary cone or piece. This is a fun way to make a sesh still feel like it even with all the guidelines on certain platforms.
Now this is a fun challenge that can actually be a little difficult because the point of the challenge is to not let your ash drop from your joint or blunt. It’s kind of a strange one, but nonetheless it’s interesting because of the different ways we get creative with simple challenges like this when smoking.
If this blog will give you any inspiration on different ways to celebrate 4/20 this year,  let us know in the comments. And if we missed any of your favorite challenges, tag us in those videos that include your favorite DHC piece for a chance to be featured on our page!
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