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15 Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10

15 Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10

Check out DHC’s list of 15 Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10, all found right in our online store! From rolling helpers to stash containers, this comprehensive collection has you covered.

Building Block Silicone Jar


Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10 Stash Blocks
These vibrant stackable blocks are made from premium, non-stick silicone, making them perfect for storing even the stickiest of legal concentrates.

DHC Clear Glass Rolling Tip (3 pk)

Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10 Glass Tip

According to one review, this nifty tool “makes rolling so much easier” and is “super convenient!” Borosilicate glass ensures structural integrity and an awesome heat buffer while a clever indented design prevents annoying pull through.

The “Danklet” Ankle Bracelet Pipe

Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10 Danklet

One of the sneakiest smoking supplies, this discreet pipe is perfect for festivals and on-the-go smokers. Handmade from premium materials and completely inconspicuous, this pipe has become a low-key DHC fan favorite.

Premium Pick Tool

Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10 Pick Tool

This double-sided Premium Pick Tool is 4.75” long and features a pointed tip on one side, spoon tip on the other and a textured handle. Dabble in different textures and legal concentrates with this smoker must-have.

Silicone Slab Mat

Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10 Slab Mat

Keep your surfaces fresh and your smoking substances protected with this non-stick silicone mat and surfaces with this non-stick silicone mat. Each mat provides ~200 square inches of coverage.

Daily High Club One Hitter

Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10 DHC One Hitter

Combine portability with craftmanship with this one-hitter chillum. Only 4” long and 3mm thick, this DHC logo-bearing glass pipe is perfect for smoking on the go.

RAW Pocket Ashtray

Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10 Pocket Ashtray

Never again go reaching for the closest empty cup or old candle. This handy dandy ashtray is made with a paper-like material outside and lined with heat-resistnat foil. Pocket-sized and secured with a snap button, you have to add this smoking supply to your collection.

Stash Container

Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10 Stash Container

Both air- and watertight and light resistant, this DHC Stash Container keeps your stash safe from the elements and nosy noses.

Bee Wick Organic Wick

Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10 Bee Wick

20 feet of Premium Bee Wick for keeping smoking sessions flavorful and free of butane.

DHC Bottle Opener Lighter

Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10 Bottle Opener Lighter

A smoking supply double-whammy! This bottle opener/lighter duo will be your go-to sidekick on any outing.

Dragon Bristle Pipe Cleaners (44 pk)

Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10 Dragon Pipe Cleaners

These aren’t your kindergarten pipe cleaners. Featuring both hard and soft bristles, these are the best when cleaning gunk from the grimiest scientific pipe or your fragile artistic glass.

RAW Hydrostone

Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10 Hydrostone

Originally developed to keep tobacco fresh on ships during the early days of modern trade, these reusable, uncoated, kiln-baked terra cotta hydrostones keep smoking material safe from annoying dry-out. Find directions on how to use here.

RAW Rolling Mat

Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10 Rolling Mat

Perfect your roll with the RAW Rolling Mat! Each mat is made from natural bamboo and super easy to use. Click here for directions.  

Elements 1 ¼  Papers

Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10 Elements Papers

Made from pure rice paper and no added chemicals, these papers also feature a patented Rolling Supreme watermark to maintain smooth, even burning. Each pack features a magnetic closure, guaranteeing safety for your precious papers!

Mesh Pipe Screens (10 pk)

Crucial Smoking Supplies Under $10 Mesh Screen

Keep your pipe clean and your mouth free of unwanted snacks with these metal screens. Don’t worry; all screens are made from inert metals, preventing harmful fumes from being created during combustion.
For more fun goodies, peruse the collections in the full Daily High Club store!
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