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11 Optical Illusions That Will Make Your Brain Hurt

  1. Stare at the center cross and the blinking dots turn green. Hint: the dots don’t actually turn green. 

Image via RPDMS
2. Which way is the train going? Try blinking or refocusing your eyes to get the train change direction.
Image via moillusions
3. Focus on the blinking green dot and eventually the yellow dots will completely disappear. It’s a concept called motion induced blindness where fixed objects fade and then disappear from our vision.
Image via Michael Bach
4. These circles are not moving or animated at all, but the human brain makes them seem like they are.
Image via Akiyoshi Kitaoka
5. Again, no animation here. Just magic.
Image via moillusions
6. And again...
Image via moillusions
7. This slowly shrinking glow that’s not really shrinking is actually sort of calming to watch.
Image via Akiyoshi Kitaoka


8. There are 12 black dots in the image, but your brain won’t let you see them all at once.

Image via Akiyoshi Kitaoka
9. A variation of what is popularly known as the Hermann grid illusion. This time there actually aren’t any black dots at all, but our brain invents them as a result of how we perceive contrast.
Image via Akiyoshi Kitaoka
10. The diagonal lines appear to have two bending points, but are actually completely straight.
Image via Akiyoshi Kitaoka
11. Stare at the center dot in this GIF for 30 seconds or so and then look at the picture below of Vincent Van Goh’s The Starry Night. Pure. Witchcraft.
Image via imgur

Feeling dizzy? It might be time to light one up. We got you covered.

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