best things to do while high

The Best Things to Do While High

Partaking in cannabis is always a great first step into an amazing time! 

While you won't feel like this forever, there are a few things that we always enjoy doing while high, and we bet you will, too.

Here's your guide to enjoyable activities to do while high so you can pick the one that matches your strain the best!

Creative Pursuits

Feeling creative after smoking weed? Here are a few ideas to put that creativity to use:

Make Some Art

Dive into the world of art with various mediums like pencils, crayons, or paints. Creating art while high can lead to a very involved and freeing experience. Cannabis-induced relaxation often helps remove a few of your inhibitions, helping you find new ways to express yourself artistically.

Whether it's doodling, painting, or sculpting, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Write A Masterpiece

Would you rather use words for art? Cannabis has a way of unraveling new perspectives and ideas, and it might just be what you need to break that writer's block. Whether it's effortlessly flowing poetry or interesting stories that take unexpected turns, writing while high can be a lot of fun.

Cannabis Cooking

With your heightened senses and enhanced flavors while high, any cooking experience can turn a simple meal into a gourmet adventure, all while also taking care of your munchies.

Plus, why not cook with cannabis while on cannabis? This might just be the perfect time to make those edibles and topicals you've been wanting.

Physical Activities

Feeling energized after your smoke session? Here are a couple of fun things to do!

Exercise and Cannabis

Jogging and yoga are fantastic exercises to pair with cannabis consumption. While jogging, the rhythmic motion aligns with the relaxed, reflective state often induced by cannabis, allowing you to have a more mindful and enjoyable experience.

Yoga, on the other hand, is a natural complement to cannabis, as both promote relaxation and mindfulness. The enhanced focus and body awareness from cannabis can help you deepen stretches and poses, allowing you to get the most out of it.


Dancing while high can be a liberating experience, freeing inhibitions and allowing you to connect more deeply to the music, especially if you have a toke of the right Sativa strain. Whether it's a solo dance party in your living room or hitting the club scene, the combination of music, movement, and cannabis is legendary for a reason.

Social and Leisure Activities

Partaking with friends? Here are the best activities you can do together!

Watch A Movie or Binge-Watch TV Shows

Some movies or TV shows can become particularly enjoyable while high, especially when watching with friends. Choose films with stunning visuals, thought-provoking plots, or mind-bending twists if you want to watch something more than just a stoner comedy.

Similarly, a good session of your favorite strain can take the concept of Netflix and chill to a whole new level. Complete the experience by creating a cozy, immersive viewing environment with comfy seating, soft blankets, and some delicious snacks.

Play Games

From classic board games to immersive video games, all kinds of games go hand-in-hand with shared smoking sessions.

Board games like Settlers of Catan or Cards Against Humanity can lead to hours of laughter, while games like Monopoly will become especially interesting when paired with a bong. Video games with stunning graphics or engaging narratives can also become even more absorbing when buzzed.

You can also play marijuana-themed games, like cannabis trivia or rolling competitions, which can lead to the next sesh.

Reconnect Socially

Cannabis can be a great tool to reconnect socially, whether it's reaching out to old friends or engaging in deep conversations with current ones. Cannabis has a way of breaking down barriers and making it easier to communicate and truly connect.

Share stories, philosophize about life, or simply enjoy each other's company in a relaxed, comfy setting whether it's a quiet night with close friends at home or a gathering around a bonfire while camping, the shared experience of cannabis can strengthen bonds, and create lasting memories.

Adventure and Exploration

Ready to take in some fresh air after smoking or vaping? Here are some fun activities you can do outside while under the effects of THC. Just remember, don't get anywhere by driving!

group of backpackers outside

Venture Outdoors

Start an outdoor adventure by going on a nature walk, beach outing, or simply relaxing in a garden oasis. In your high status, you're more likely to enjoy all the details of your outing, from the feeling of the sun on your skin to the smells and sounds of nature. Take time to observe your environment and, of course, to smell some roses.

Visit Art Galleries or Museums

Explore art galleries and museums with a fresh perspective courtesy of your favorite kind of kush. With your enhanced creativity and altered perception, your art and history appreciation will likely be equally enhanced.

Engage with paintings, sculptures, and exhibits on a deeper level, noticing details that you may have overlooked otherwise. Whether it's contemporary art or ancient artifacts, cannabis can provide a unique lens through which to view the world of art and culture.

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Relaxation Techniques

Here are our favorite things to do to get into a relaxed state of mind:

Meditation While High

Using cannabis to enhance meditation can enhance the experience and help lead you to profound relaxation. 

Start by choosing a comfortable, quiet space and a strain known for its calming effects, like an Indica. Begin with deep, intentional breaths, allowing the cannabis to relax the body and quiet the mind. As the high sets in, focus on the present moment, letting go of worries and distractions. 

The altered perception of time can be beneficial for deeper contemplation, as minutes may feel like hours, allowing you to delve deeper into your thoughts and sensations. 

Take A Weed Nap

Indulge in the blissful rest of a "weed nap" for a deep and peaceful sleep. Choose one of those heavy Indicas that leave you locked to the couch or a strain, or a strain or dab high in CBD.

Settle into a comfortable spot with cozy blankets and ambient lighting. As the cannabis takes effect, allow yourself to drift into a state of relaxation. 

Whether it's a quick power nap or a longer snooze, the weed nap is a great way to escape from the stresses of your day.


Whether it's engaging in creative pursuits like art and writing, getting physical with exercises like jogging and dancing, or enjoying social activities and relaxation techniques, cannabis offers you a long list of fun things to do to enjoy your high. 

Remember to choose activities that match your strain and mood, and, as with everything else, enjoy these activities responsibly and in moderation.

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Here are some common questions on things to do while high:

What are the best strains for creative activities?

Strains high in THC and terpenes like Limonene and Pinene are often favored for creativity. Sativa-dominant strains like Sour Diesel or Jack Herer are known to boost energy and creativity. However, personal preference plays a significant role, so experimenting with different strains is key to finding what works best for your creative flow.

Can exercising while high improve my workout?

For some, cannabis can enhance the workout experience by reducing anxiety and increasing focus. Strains high in CBD are often recommended for exercise, since they provide pain relief and relaxation without the intense psychoactive effects. However, moderation is crucial, as high doses may impair coordination or motivation.

How does cannabis affect the enjoyment of movies and music?

Cannabis can heighten sensory experiences, making movies and music more immersive and enjoyable. Strains that enhance creativity and sensory perception, like Blue Dream or Pineapple Express, are popular choices. Cannabis can also alter time perception, making movies seem more engaging and music more entrancing.

What are some tips for cooking with cannabis?

Start with a small amount of cannabis and gradually increase to find the right potency for your recipe. Decarboxylate your cannabis by baking it in the oven before adding it to dishes to activate its psychoactive properties. Infuse fats like butter or oil with cannabis for easier incorporation into recipes. 

Remember to label any cannabis-infused foods clearly and store them safely away from children or pets.

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