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Top 5 Reasons the Alpaca is Lit AF

TOP 5 REASONS YOU NEED THE ALPACA By now, you may have heard of the Alpaca Grinder. If not, you’re in luck. We are proud to be one of the first official sellers of one of the best grinders DHC, nay the world, has ever seen. Prepare to be amazed. MAD SAVINGS The patented design of the Alpaca lets you grind and dispense in under 10 seconds, saving time, while the stick-proof coating prevents buildup which saves the precious product. Each grinder also comes with a Lifetime Warranty which means this could quite possibly be the last grinder you’ll ever...

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The Top 5 Clear Rolling Papers

Clear rolling papers bring a clean aesthetic to your roll ups. There’s something oddly satisfying about being able to see your buds through the paper of a freshly rolled jay. Contrary to a common misconception, transparent rolling papers are 100% plant cellulose (not plastic) and are safe to smoke. Here’s our top brands: 1. Glass Glass takes the top spot on our list with a slow, smooth burn and no funny taste. These papers are tree-free and made of Asiatic Cotton Mallow, a completely natural plant. Glass sets a high bar for quality clear rolling papers. 2. Trip   The...

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