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Pipe Vs Bong - Which Is the Best for You?

Pipe Vs. Bong Round 1! There's so much to decide when you're betting on who's going to win the match between pipe vs bong. Deciphering the two might appear easy. However, in certain instances, a pipe can use water and be considered a water pipe and a bong can be considered a dry bong, using no water. And then you throw bubblers in the mix and you're lookin' in the mirror like, "Who Am I?" We totally get your frustration! Continue reading because we're going to help you understand the many differences of bong vs bubbler, bubblers vs pipes, and bongs...

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UNBOXING DAILY HIGH CLUB'S JANUARY SMOKING SUPPLIES! DAILY HIGH CLUB PRESENTS… The January Wake and Bake Box    14 MM DIZZLE PUFFS CEREAL BOX DAB RIG Rise and shine in 2019 with some Dizzle Puffs! This cereal box shaped dab rig features a 14mm female recessed joint, reinforced slitted diffuser downstem, and even a word search to play! See if you can find all the words, and share a picture, you may win something cool! 14MM PREMIUM QUARTZ BANGER Fitting perfectly on your cereal box, or many of our other favorite past DHC pieces, this banger has awesome heat retention and is a perfect partner to...

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UNBOXING DAILY HIGH CLUB'S DECEMBER SMOKING SUPPLIES! Daily High Club Presents… The December Santa Chong Box Chong's Choice x Daily High Club Holiday Smoking Pack 14 MM TOMMY'S TANK ENGINE RIG/BONG All aboard! This month we’re bringing you Tommy’s Tank Engine Dab Rig so you can keep chugging along through the holiday season. Tommy's Tank Engine Dab Rig, comes in a frosted design appropriate for the holidays! A reinforced slitted downstem also makes for a classic function from this brand new train design. HERBSAVER MINI GRINDER Revolutionary in the grinder game this ultra lightweight, portable 4 piece grinder is one of the best on the market! The teeth on this thing...

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Unboxing Daily High Club's July Smoking Supplies!

A LOOK INSIDE THE DHC JULY BOX! Fresh donut bongs for this month's DHC July Munchies Box! Explore all the treats and goodies sure to satiate all your cravings while adding something special to your growing stash of smoking supplies. Donut Rig Satisfy that sweet tooth with a tasty treat! This deliciously delightful donut rig comes with a 14mm female joint and a four hole puck perc. Can’t forget the toppings! Sprinkled on top of this cute little bong is a too-good-to-eat donut mouthpiece. Juicy Jay Watermelon Flavored Papers Perfect for combating the midsummer heat, these papers are bursting with...

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Unboxing Daily High Club's June Smoking Supplies!

A LOOK INSIDE THE DHC JUNE BOX! DHC x Silenced Hippie Words cannot express how excited we are about the DHC June Box of smoking supplies, featuring a collab with the one and only Silenced Hippie! A true shining star in our community, Sasha has helped us curate an awesome box to keep your summer spirits high. Silenced Hippie Peace Pipe A classic dry pipe with a massive chamber, this p(ea)ce is sure to be a new fave. The frosted glass is sandblasted to show off both DHC’s and Silenced Hippie’s logo on one side, and a classic peace sign...

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