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Daily High Club Presents… The Bacon Box  DHC Bacon Bubbler / Dab Rig This little rig really sizzles! Just like the breakfast meat this rig is thick cut and ready for some smoke. Featuring a reinforced 5-slitted circ perc, the bacon rig stacks bubbles like you just put a strip in a hot pan.   RAW ORGANIC 1 ¼ WIDE ROLLING PAPERS Some of the most popular papers on the market, RAW is known throughout the world for their innovations in rolling. These all natural, organic hemp papers ditch the harmful chemicals to ensure your smoke is clean as can be. These strictly...

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10 Best Ever Bacon Recipes

10 Best Ever Bacon Recipes 2019 This month’s El Primo box has got us craving some bacon! So we collected recipes for some of our favorite go-to munchies to enjoy while we put the March DHC x Zairilla Bacon collab box to good use. Watch ya arteries, smoke, and snack with these tried and true recipes! *Pssst - there’s also a vegan bacon recipe at the bottom for all the herbivores* Savory Bacon and Cheese Waffles This first recipe requires a waffle iron, but you could also make them into pancakes if you don’t have one. Whip up some bacon,...

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What You Need to Know About Zairilla Bacon

What You Need to Know About Zairilla Bacon “It’s Bacon Bitch!” Touted as a culinary genius, risk-taker and, by those who know her, an all-around dope person, Zairilla Bacon deserves every bit of success that comes her way and we are extremely honored to collab with her for the DHC March subscription box. We know and admire her, and we hope by sharing this list of What You Need to Know About Zairilla Bacon, you’ll come to love her too! Chi-Town Born & Bred Born Zairee Lee in Chicago, Illinois, who we now know as Zairilla Bacon was “raised in...

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