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DHC's Best Smoking Supply Boxes of 2017

DHC's Best Boxes To get hyped for a new year of new DHC boxes, here’s a highlight of the best Daily High Club smoking supply subscription boxes delivered so far. From cool collabs to tantalizing themes, check out what we’ve offered and get pumped for a new year of possibilities. Chong’s Choice Tommy Chong - the two words that made this the number one box of the year. The November Chong’s Choice box was curated by the legend himself and included the unique Chong Glass Steamroller, as well as Futurola King Size Tommy Chong Papers, Chongs Choice Glass Filter Tip and a...

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Top RAWthentic Products from DHC

Top RAWthentic Products from DHC Since most of the Daily High Club subscription boxes include a variety of RAW products, we’ve made a guide of the top RAW smoking supplies we provide. Check ‘em out in the store or look for them in your monthly DHC subscription smoking package! RAW Double Barrel + Carry Bag Whether you’re gearing up for a get-together with friends or just trying to get real looooose, this will help you out. The RAW Double Barrel lets you insert two papers in one end while using the other as a mouthpiece, the ultimate two-fer. $12.99 RAW Pre-Rolled...

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