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Blog — Smoke Sesh Tips

How To: Avoid Smoking Faux Pas

How To: Avoid Smoking Faux Pas There are many ways to slip up in a smoke session. Save yourself and your circle from these common mistakes with DHC's how-to guide for avoiding smoking  faux pas! Leave the Lip Gloss When going to a smoking sesh, ditch the gloss or lipstick. Nothing bums out those next in line like a fresh coating of sticky lip products on the bong. Wait until after to put on the chapstick, opt for smudge-proof, long-lasting lip wear or just go without! Stop the Spit Soak Don’t lip the tip! Nobody wants to go after you if...

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How To: Maximize Relaxation After a Smoke Sesh

How To: Maximize Relaxation After Any Smoke Sesh Sometimes you try to smoke and chill but have so many thoughts running through your mind, it’s impossible to shut them all out and just unwind. Check out DHC’s top ways to be the most relaxed after any smoking session. Cue Up The Tunes When it’s time for you to relax with your favorite pipe or bong, it helps to have a good playlist handy. Build a list of your favorite songs so it’s ready for you when you light up. For extra relaxation, press play in the dark. Smoking combined with...

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