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How To: Clean Your Bong

How To: Clean Your Bong Walkthrough this blog to find out the many ways to put that sparkle back in your bong! Whether your working with glass, plastic, acrylic, or other common (or sensitive) bong materials, we have traditional methods and innovative products to use in this comprehensive "How To: Clean Your Bong" guide. Before we get into the how to's, we've got to know why a clean bong is important! Every time you take a rip, you introduce new nasty resins, residues, and plant matter into your glass and water. This means each snap will have some of the previous pull...

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Top DHC Dabbing Tools

Top DHC Dabbing Tools DHC followers are always asking us about dab rigs and accessories for legal concentrates, so we curated this list of Top DHC Dabbing Tools to assist Daily High Club members with navigating our ever-expanding online store for dab-specific smoking supplies. DHC Ultimate Concentrates Kit This all-in-one kit was the initial long-awaited answer to the prayers of our legal-concentrate-loving subscribers. Includes the 7” DHC Scientific Beaker, a pick tool, sia silicon non-stick jar and a torch with a removable stand. Choose between the standard Glass Dome + Nail + Pick Tool set-up, or swap it with a heat-holding...

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How To: Determining Joint Gender and Size While all of DHC’s glass comes with it’s own bowl piece or nail/dome combo, there may come a time when you want to personalize your bong or rig, buy an adapter for extra perc, or the bowl breaks or cracks from use. This is when it’s important to know about the joint gender and size of your smoking supplies. Male VS. Female You may already know the difference between male joints and female joints...but if you don’t, that’s okay, too! Bongs, bowl pieces, ash catchers, adapters, nails - these all have a gender, making...

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