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How To: Choose Your Glass In 2019

How To: Choose Your Glass In 2019 With the new year starting, many of us want to treat ourselves to a new go-to piece of glass, one we’ll be able to enjoy all year long and be proud to add to our arsenal of smoking supplies. But what to choose? A dry pipe or a bong? A handpiece or a water pipe? The most obvious difference between the two types of glass is in the name: a water pipe contains water and dry pipes do not. Water pipes are definitely ranked higher for filtration and notoriety, but portability and simplicity...

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10 Bongs and Dab Rigs You Need for 2019

10 Bongs and Dab Rigs You Need for 2019 As holiday season comes a-knockin', it's time to prep for gift giving and your next year of smoking. Start planning and stock up now with these 10 bongs and dab rigs you absolutely have to have for 2019.  Fumed Implosion Banger Hanger Our new Fumed Implosion Banger Hanger puts a heady twist on this functional classic! This beauty comes in three different designs, a red wrap and rake, red polka dots, and green polka dots. $44.99 The Weapon of Grass Destruction This aptly-sized water pipe has an intricate, diamond matrix perc, guaranteeing smooth pulls that...

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Top DHC Dabbing Tools

Top DHC Dabbing Tools DHC followers are always asking us about dab rigs and accessories for legal concentrates, so we curated this list of Top DHC Dabbing Tools to assist Daily High Club members with navigating our ever-expanding online store for dab-specific smoking supplies. DHC Ultimate Concentrates Kit This all-in-one kit was the initial long-awaited answer to the prayers of our legal-concentrate-loving subscribers. Includes the 7” DHC Scientific Beaker, a pick tool, sia silicon non-stick jar and a torch with a removable stand. Choose between the standard Glass Dome + Nail + Pick Tool set-up, or swap it with a heat-holding...

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