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New Vapes, Glass and Tools...OH MY!

New Vapes, Glass and Tools...OH MY! Since the beginning of the new year, we’ve been rolling out products like crazy! Browse this list of the latest additions to the DHC online headshop and keep your eyes peeled for more sick smoking supplies making their debut in the store.   Multi-Colored Glass Chillum The perfect pipe for the smoker on the go! An artistic spin on the other DHC chillums we carry, this one is made by hand with trippy colors swirling from tip to tip. Colors may vary...but they’re all dope. $12.99 Kasher Titanium The sturdiest of pipe tools, the...

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How To: Recognize Types of Dry Pipes

How To: Recognize Types of Dry Pipes There’s more to dry pipes than just the typical bowl piece. While many see water pipes as the intricate items to understand and interpret, we forget how many different types of water-less hand pipes are out there, and how truly diverse these smoking supplies can be. Read through the following guide of Types of Dry Pipes to become an expert identifier and figure out the next addition to your smoking supply stash. One-Hitter As the name suggests, these pipes are small enough for only one hit at a time. While all hand pipes are characteristically...

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