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The History and Evolution of 420

The History and Evolution of 420 There are many questions and theories as to the origin of 420. Some reference Hitler’s birthday, born April 20, 1889, which is silly because why would anyone associate smoking with that crazy, catastrophic man? Then, others use Bob Dylan’s song “Rainy Day Women No. 12 and 35” that mentions everyone smoking. But really, it comes from a group of California teens who used to chill and smoke at their San Rafael high school. Hanging out by a wall at their school, this group of teens was commonly referred to as “the Waldos,” and they seem...

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7 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of CBD

7 Scientifically-Proven Health Benefits of CBD CBD oil is the latest hemp-related trend, popping up everywhere from cupcakes to headshops to the local gas station. But why is it so popular? While it may not have the same psychoactive effects as it’s sister cannabinoid, THC, it has become a reliable natural remedy for a variety of ailments that plague the masses. There have only been a few official scientific studies to confirm the extent to which CBD actually helps, but here are the most commonly touted benefits from the world of health and wellness: Relieves Pain No surprise here! Much...

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