Toned Up Matrix Bong
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Toned Up Matrix Bong


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Toned Up Matrix

Enter a whole new dimension with the hefty Toned Up Matrix Bong. Featuring a reinforced 14mm male joint, extra thick base, color accents throughout, and an over-slitted matrix percolator for maximum diffusion - this durable 10” bong is a heavy hitting beast guaranteed to deliver the perfect rip each time. Includes premium 14mm Female Flower Slide



  •       Extra Thick Base
  •       Over Slitted Matrix Perc
  •       Multi-Color Construction
  •       Reinforced 14mm Male Joint



  • Height: ~10''
  • Joint: 14mm Male (Requires 14mm Female Bowl)
  • Perc: Matrix Perc


  • Premium 14mm Female Flower Bowl (Styles May Vary)
  • 14mm Dome + Nail