July "Bear Essentials" Box
honey bear bong
DHC subscription box
DHC Default July "Bear Essentials" Box

July 2018 "Bear Essentials" Smoking Subscription Box


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*Clear or Brown color chosen at random*

**Coffee Bag Not Available**

Due to popular demand, were bringing back the bear essentials box for a limited time! This box features a beautiful honey bear shaped scientific rig. Whether you missed out on our El Primo subscription or are looking for the perfect gift - the Bear EssentialsBoxis the ultimate hookup.

Looking for just the DHC HoneyBear?

This box includes:
  • DHC Honey Bear (Clear or Brown color chosen at random)
  • RAW Classic Paper 
  • 420 Science Sanitizing Wipes
  • PerforatedTips
  • Recyclable Stash Jar
  • Hemp Wrap (brands may vary based on availability)
  • Hemp Wick
  • Cyclone Clear Prerolled Cone
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Clipper Lighter
  • Little Trees Air Freshener
  • DHC Stickers