DHC Ultimate Concentrates Kit
DHC Ultimate Concentrates Kit


DHC Ultimate Concentrates Kit

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Everything you need to enjoy the world of concentrates! Smoke with precision using our flagship piece, a custom made scientific glass beaker! We contracted an actual scientific glass company to make this thick 7" beaker with a 14mm fused glass downstem and 4 diffusion slits. Compatible with thousands of 14mm add-ons!

Kit Includes:

  • DHC Scientific Beaker
  • 14mm Dome
  • 14mm Nail
  • Concentrates Pick Tool
  • Silicone Non-Stick Slick Jar
  • Torch (with removable stand)
  • Non-Stick Silicone mat

Why go Quartz?

If you plan to use concentrates often, quartz bangers offer a far superior lifespan, and flavor than glass nails, have better heat diffusing for better rips, and hold heat longer. 

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