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smoke double jelly bong
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blue jelly bong
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Colored Neck Double Jelly Bong


Product add-ons

Whats better than a single jelly? A double Jelly, duh! Coming in at a whopping 15” and featuring dual reinforced tree percs, triple bore tubing, as well as full blue colored neck - this tube offers unparalleled function and aesthetics without breaking the bank. Sit back and watch those bubbles stack with this awesome full sized tube! Includes premium 18mm flower slide.


  •         Height: 15”
  •         Joint: 18mm  reinforced Female
  •         Perc: dual tree


  •       Blue Accents
  •         Durable construction
  •         Dual Percolators
  •         Heavy Filtration
  •       Triple Bore Tubing