Barney's Farm Biscotti Mintz Cannabis Seeds
Barney's Farm Biscotti Mintz Cannabis Seeds
Barney's Farm Biscotti Mintz Cannabis Seeds

Barney's Farm Biscotti Mintz Cannabis Seeds


Barney’s Farm has created the Biscotti Mintz cannabis strain that's a collab between two of the USA’s premium and most elusive strains. The breeder crossed Biscotti, already a world-beating 80% Indica dominant specimen, with Barney’s exclusive and delicious Mintz Phenotype.This cannabis strain is a deep purple plant with a trichome production that's off the charts!

Besides looking great, the Biscotti Mintz also produces an exceptionally delicious aroma thanks to distinctive Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Eucalyptol terpenes. The mouth-watering aroma is not inferior to the taste of kushy flavors with hints of chocolate chip cookies with creamy mint and spice. Biscotti Mintz feminized cannabis seeds are available in packs of 3, 5, and 10 seeds.

  • Aroma: Creamy And Kushy
  • Genetics: Biscotti X Mintz Phenotype
  • Indica/Sativa: 80%/20%
  • Indoor Height: 31 To 35 Inches
  • Indoor Yield: Up To 600 To 650 Grams
  • Outdoor Height: Up To 79 Inches
  • Photoperiod: Normal
  • Taste: Kushy Flavors With Hints Of Chocolate Chip And Mint
  • Feminized

DISCLAIMER: These seeds are sold for genetic preservation purposes only.

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