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El Primo by Daily High Club

Our monthly smoking accessories subscription box plans are pretty much the ultimate starter packs, filled with epic supplies like brand new glass on the regular, $80 worth of accessories, and exclusive products from our monthly collabs. This month, it’s all about the man himself, the Neon Python, the Peach Panther, Mr. Lamborghini Leglock...RIFF RAFF!

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Out is with an exclusive glass piece. Yup, you read that right. This smoking accessories subscription box comes to you every month with one of our exclusively designed glass pipes. Seriously, they’re pretty great. From high-quality scientific glass to our classic 7 in. DHC steamroller, you get a new piece. Every. Single. Month.

Like we said, you’re going to get $80 worth of products EVERY MONTH, new glass, and the best from our monthly collabs. This month’s box features some great stuff, like the exclusively designed Pink Python Matrix Perc Tube (designed to give you some insanely smooth rips,) Trip rolling papers, special edition mini Clip lighters, 1.25 in. pre-rolled cones, and some odorless Door Tubes so you can TiP TOE in your Jawwwrdinz without being too loud.