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Daily High Club was built with one mission: Make badass smoking supplies!

We were founded in Washington, DC in 2015 with a passion for smoking supplies and the lifestyle around them.

We threw up a scrappy website, bought $700 worth of materials, and put the idea on Reddit. Within hours, the post had thousands of upvotes and DHC got the first few hundred subscribers overnight!

We brought on a professional glassblower and the team hit the ground running. DHC started shipping out of the garage, then eventually found an old bridal warehouse (complete with love quotes on the pink walls) and used old dressing rooms for storage. 

Since then we've built relationships with amazing people in the smoking industry (including the legendary Tommy Chong), crafed unique custom glassware, and packed even more smoking supplies in our boxes.

Over the past three years, Daily High Club has grown from that tiny one-bedroom operation to the thriving company that we are today. And it's all because of you.

Thank you so much for being a part of the DHC family.