Pushing The Boundaries Of Science For Smokers Everywhere

Scientific Glass Bongs are not only bongs that strive for a certain look, but they are also bongs that genuinely experiment with what is possible to produce advanced smoking experiences.

If you are looking for a smoking experience that pushes the boundaries of smoothness, comfort, and convenience – and does so in a very methodical and observable way, then the scientific glass is always going to be your best choice.

This is where the real innovations in bong technology are explored, and there is a genuine scientific precision that goes into making each and every single bong in this collection.

Here you will find complex, cutting edge bong technology - sometimes all combined into one mind-boggling piece. So grab your lab coat and we’ll give you the tour.

The Smoothest Smoking Experience Mathematically Possible

It might sound like we’re just having fun with this scientific idea, but the truth is there is REAL math behind creating a velvety smooth smoking experience. Here’s how it works.

When bubbles of the smoke filter through water, the amount of filtering that happens depends on ONE variable – and that is the surface area of the bubble that is touching the water. So this might lead you to think that you’d want bigger bubbles, right? Actually, no.

For the smoothest smoke scientifically possible, you actually want lots of small bubbles. Imagine that a bigger bubble was to separate into many smaller bubbles – that gives it a lot more surface area, right? Thus, better filtering and buttery smooth smoke.

To achieve those tiny bubbles, scientific glass bongs like the ones in this collection use multiple VERY intricate percolators with many tubes and openings, as well as directing bubbles to flow through different kinds of obstacles... Read More