MJ Arsenal "Ursa" Mini Rig
MJ Arsenal "Ursa" Mini Rig
MJ Arsenal "Ursa" Mini Rig
MJ Arsenal "Ursa" Mini Rig

MJ Arsenal "Ursa" Mini Rig


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Melding a classic look with modern features, the Ursa Mini Rig is likely to be a fixture on your mantle and in your rotation.

The Ursa Mini Rig works by pulling through its reinforced, base connected discus percolator, vapor is split into tiny bubbles for maximum water diffusion before being spun into a vortex for a second rinse in the internal chamber. With a constant flow of water and the spinning of the vapor, each pull from the Ursa Mini Rig is fresh, smooth, and full of flavor. We even equipped the Ursa Mini Rig with our unique rear-mounted downstem and built-in reclaim catcher to prevent spills and clogging.

With all of this functionality packed into a palm size, you’ll find Ursa Mini Rig to be a portable 10mm rig that delivers hits unrivaled by glass even twice its size.

Less air = more flavor. Sacrifice nothing and elevate the ordinary session with this MJArsenal Ursa Mini Rig.

Included is a thick-walled 45 degree fully quartz banger that allows for excellent heat retention and original flavor. This retractable dab nail is a 14mm, female banger to use for all your DHC favorites!

This versatile glass water pipe, works for both a water bong and dab rig. To use as a bong, simply switch out your nail for your flower bowl.


Height: 5.2"

Material: Borosilicate Glass

-MJA Custom Flat Quartz Bucket

- Female 45 degree Nail

-Ursa Mini Rig (10mm rig connection)


- Branded

- High Heat Retention

- Premium Quality

- Female Joint

- Portable

- Discus Percolator

- Ergonomic Design

What's Included With Box?

-Accented Mini Dab Rig

-14mm Male Quartz Banger (90 degree)