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Directional Flow Carb Cap


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What's Included?

  • 1x Directional Carb Cap
  • Height: 2''

What is a Directional Carb Cap?

A directional carb cap features a carb hole or multiple holes that help redirect air transferring through the carb cap. This helps stir tasty concentrates inside your nail without needing a dabber tool. A directional flow carb cap also allows airflow to be directed towards the wall or your banger, instead of vapor and air hitting directly in the center of your nail.

Take fat dabs at the perfect temperature! These glass directional carb caps feature a directional nozzle so you can twist and turn your essential oils to ensure even spreading across the banger base.

How to Use a Directional Flow Carb Cap

  1. Apply concentrate to heated nail
  2. Cover the nail with your directional carb cap
  3. Twist and rotate your directional flow carb cap to push airflow and concentrate around the nail chamber

As you can see, these directional carb caps are easy to use, just by laying the carb cap across the top of your banger and inhaling. Remember to always twist around to ensure you vaporize every last drop!

    Benefits of Using Directional Carb Caps

    • Premium Quality
    • Directional Flow
    • Allows Concentrates to Vaporize Quicker
    • Better Airflow Circulation
    • Increases Flavor and Efficiency