For the coolest bubblers for weed, Daily High Club is your one-stop headshop. We offer monthly subscription boxes, including the new El Primo box, packed with the Groovy Hippie Van Glass Bong and other quality smoking supplies. All shipping is free within the US, too. 

Best Bubblers

The best bubblers perfectly bridge the gap between bongs and hand pipes. Bubblers are compact by nature, so they're easy to use at home or to discreetly take with you anywhere. Essentially, they're as portable as a pipe. Bubblers are an awesome way to fire up some herb while getting optimal smoke and water filtration. They're also stunning and make for an epic table centerpiece, to boot. 

At Daily High Club, we have different types of water bubblers for sale, all with their own unique design and aesthetic. If discretion is your priority, check out the teeny-tiny 2.5" GRAV Conical Pocket Bubbler. Or if you're looking for something a little wild, the Horned Goon Bubbler is a certifiable animal. Oof. 

Helix Bubblers

Helix bubblers by Grav Labs not only have cool, sleek structures but are super effective at cooling down smoke before it reaches your mouth. 

Inlets on the sides of an internal chamber reduce the fluid pressure and force the smoke away from its walls. They whip up a unique effect where the... Read More