Welcome to Daily High Club Apparel

Daily High Club has created a brand new clothing line to encompass the smoker lifestyle in a different light. Fresh designs and innovative accessories separate Daily High Clothing from the competition. DHC apparel is premium products for the culture because when we looked around we noticed the lack of representation in the way we see fit. As seen on iconic smokers like Silenced Hippie, Ice Poseidon, Koala Puffs, Mac Dizzle and now you.

Created for every Smokers Style 

Our merch is designed for smokers by smokers! Every piece in the collection features clean designs that encompass the smoking lifestyle. Whether you want the world to know that you’re a part of the club or something a little more low key we’ve got you covered. Burn one like classic smokersr like Dizzle Puffs with our collaboration pieces!

Comfort & Quality 

Printed on high quality, 100 percent cotton blanks - our tee shirts are as comfortable as they are stylish. Soft to the touch but still durable these premium pieces belong in your collection! Thick hoodies with sweet prints are made to keep you in the smoke circle through the last puff.

Smoke wherever & whenever 

Tank tops and tees are made for a daytime sesh in the sun. Lightweight and breathable, our tees are made for active smokers or if you squat up and down from the couch all day. Thick comfortable hoodies are made for the fall and winter smoker. Fuzzy on the... Read More